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Kitkat Short Movie: RUSH~Kitto,Itsuka~ English Subbed!


Hello guys!Thank you for still following this blog!

Or for people who just stumbled upon this blog, hello!

I think it’s almost a month since I last made an english subtitle and upload videos on Youtube. Last week I found out that this Kitkat movie that they uploaded in their channel since a year ago, are already disappeared. They also erased the movie page on the Kitkat web! Maybe their contract has ended, I don’t know. So, I think that I might as well re-uploaded it but now also ith english sub!! Woohoo!

Thank goodness back then I quickly downloaded every video that has Magipri! and even the 720p one! lol So yeah, you can enjoy the high quality of the video for this one! But to tell you the truth, recently I got too lazy to download anything and just bookmark it, but now I think I should do it again in case something like this happen in the future!

I hope they won’t claim the copyright for this movie.. I had a shock when I faced it on my previous Boymen video haha..

This is the first part btw! And there are two part! I once wrote a review about this movie in a post, if you are curious. The next part ermmm.. If I’m in the mood and there’s no problem, I’ll upload it next week. I’m getting busy in my irl so I only have night time or weekend to work on things just like today (yes!! this sub is made only in one day!! Kinda proud haha tho ofc it’s easy since it’s a really short video) so I really feel Kengo in this movie.. And if you follow my twitter I subtly wrote that I got ill this week haha urgh I can relate to this movie a lot!

Anyway have you seen Kengo’s new hair? In this movie he still looks innocent and cute but now he looks sexy and pretty! Go check their twitter for pics!!

P.s Oh yeah I’m going to Bangkok this 1-5 March so if any of you are there by the date and want to meet up, please contact me!! We can chat about Magipri or idols hehe or maybe our lives? Don’t worry if you can’t really talk in English since I suck at it too so we can use Tarzan language lol but yeah I’ll try to learn Thai language before then so I can communicate better too! I really love to meet new people~! But might be chatty like how I write in this blog heheh.

Anyway, as usual please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to my Youtube channel! 



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