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( 九星隊 ) Nine Stars 4th Single MV : ‘By Your Side’ is Released!



Hey guys! How are you doing lately?

Me, I’m really busy with my work as every start of the year is my job’s peak season (umm try to  guess what industries I work for but believe me I hate my job uhu) and actually going home quite late everyday..

I’m kinda tired and sleepy, so I guess I need… Vitamin Sea right??? 😉

And for you guys who are facing the coldness of the winter season right now!! If you need something warm to cheer up your mood I actually got something perfect for you today!!

Naisuta’s New MV!!


What do you think about the video?

As usual, I will write my objective impressions of the MV!

Oh btw the song is as always, really good! Huhu I wonder why WE always pick a song that suits my taste that I never found any songs from their idols that I don’t like.. By Your Side is very easy to listen to and catchy, I can hear that ‘Woo-ooo-ooo yeah yeah yeah’ and ‘You follow me, you follow me~’ (is that the lyrics?) repeatedly playing in my head after listening to it.

In general this MV is very summer-themed like the previous Reach for the Stars MV, despite really out of season! lol. Back then it was autumn, and now it’s still winter in Japan but hey, it’s summer in Australia so let’s make another summerish MV! (or I hope they’re not flying to Aussie just for taking a summer theme video lol) I wonder if they’re going to continue this concept for the next single too after this?

Btw even the costume is very similiar too huhu what’s different is the shorts haha

So because they have been hyping a lot about the skydiving in twitter before, I’m not really surprised seeing the skydiving scene. But back then they only revealed Takuya and Mizuki to be doing skydiving, and I commented that ‘Ahh it’s no fun if the two of them are doing it, they’re both very brave, I want to see Masaki and Yabu scared instead’. And actually they’re also doing skydiving!! Hurray for Masaki and Yabu’s scaredy-cat cute face!!

Also I’m kinda.. uwu at that mister skydiver who helps Masaki since his smile and his action of tapping Masaki to comfort him from being scared is.. so cute! uwu . Meanwhile the one who helps Yabu doesn’t really care and tries to show Yabu to focus on the scenery instead hahahhaa. Anyway who’s your favorite mister skydiver there? #importantquestion

And that Kangaroo and Koala scene!! Honestly Mizuki doing a Kangaroo jump is my most favorite scene in the MV! Soooo cute! But they said that Mizuki almost got punched by the kangaroos repeatedly when filming it, so.. thanks god he’s okay and can jump together with the kangaroo! 🙂 Masaki seems kinda wary of the Koala (they’re harmless, Masaki! It’s okay!) while Yabu already fell in love with it completely and patted it so much huhu so cute.

Yabu trying to take a selfie with a koala

After that, the shopping and the beach scene is not that amazing but, the part when they play train at the beach, and when Mizuki lifted Yabu up that easily to the water! lmaoo I really loved those scenes! Mizuki is so strong!

But to be honest, because they’re focusing on the activities, I think this video is more like a trailer of a vacation to Aussie show, rather than an idol song MV. It looks so fun, they might as well made a full show about their vacation there 😦 Well maybe they will air it in Barisugo8 tho.. So actually I think the video doesn’t really suit the song’s sequences.. People might start asking ‘what show is this from?’ not ‘what song is this?’ you know.

And I know that back then when it’s Kiss Me Fire era, I said that I want them to shoot MV outdoor sometimes (because Flash and KMF are indoors shooting), and I was so happy when I got RFTS MV. But now that they’re repeating the same pattern again I got kinda bored again and now missed those indoors shooting like Flash and KMF hahahah. I wonder what will they do next?

But yeah, not my most favorite MV, but still good. If you have read some of my reviews, I always write that I like quick sequences MV rather than slow take one.. Like, those MVs where you only zoom in each member with emotions, slowly,from scene to scene? I got bored easily so when I watch MVs like that I usually got bored at 30 secs and change into other videos. I like MVs where it’s so fast to change scene so I don’t have time to take a breath and won’t get bored! And despite the simple theme, this MV doesn’t make me bored until the end! 🙂

Anywayyy, I got the vitamin sea I needed! Haha #lame

By Your Side will be released on store at 19th February 2019!! If you like the song and if you can, please support Naisuta and buy their CD! let’s become No.1 in Oricon Daily Ranking again! 😀

You can buy the CD at CDJapan or Amazonjp

There are six versions as usual! The DVD, CD, and each member’s edition! Really guys, this time the cover is so nice! I like all of the member’s edition but I only have money to buy one, so.. I as usual will buy the DVD version! I actually prefer the DVD’s cover too than the CD’s one hehe I meannn, look at this?? Aren’t they so aesthetic and cool???


And the member’s edition?? So?? Colorful and simple but smart? Lollipop?

Well the Regular version is actually nice too, tho..


What version do you like the most? XD

More information: 

Twitter: @nine_stars4


Btw feel free to tell me what you think of the MV and song through the comment and contact tab! You can also contact me from my twitter, instagram and e-mail! I’d love to talk more with you about JPop Idols especially Naisuta and Magipri! 😉

P.s don’t forget to check this blog from time to time since I’m planning to share Kiss Me Fire CD sometimes by the start of the next month! Hehe or better yet, follow my blog! uwu


3 thoughts on “( 九星隊 ) Nine Stars 4th Single MV : ‘By Your Side’ is Released!

  1. I’ve been ignoring Nine Stars since I’m mostly a Magipri fan and I thought it would just be more of the same but I recently saw this PV and it was really good! I might just start following them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaa I’m happy you came to like them too! hehe
      At the start I also thought they might be the same but they actually have a different charm than Magipri! Check out their previous songs too~ ^o^


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