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Tokai School Boys is Now Hi☆Five!


Sorry! I know this post is veeeery late, but since many of you still search about Tokai School Boys here.. yes, the Tokai School Boys have officially changed its name into Hi☆Five!

Or for you who came here first, let me explain again. Hi☆Five is another brother group of MAG!C☆PRINCE after Nine Stars, who is also based on Tokai region just like Magipri. They were born from an audition called Tokai School Boys project! The members chosen from the 5000 participants of audition are: Hayashi Takuma (Leader), Otani Yuya, Kato Daigo, Otomo Kai, and Noguchi Yusuke. For more detailed info, I have wrote about them before, so read it here and here.

Like every other idol, they also already assigned color images to each of the member, you could tell from the uniforms they wear.

(from left to right) Purple: Noguchi, Yellow: Yuya, Red : HayaTaku,  Blue: Daigo, Green: Kai

The group is announced that they will have their major debut at 2 April 2O19 with their first single, 「We are Hi☆Five」!

((Which is a day before HayaTaku’s Birthday! Woohoo!))

Actually, the whole announcement about their official group name, colors, and single were announced at Magipri’s Concert back then in December! They also performed there for the first time ever!

Sounds good right? Can’t wait for the single and MV to come out! Oh, and btw the coupling song will be written by HEROISM! 🙂

Oh yeah, they also already got their  own show called 「デラHi☆学園」, it’s like Honkipri or Barisugo8! They also got their own radio show too~

I’m still not really following them too much because following Magipri and Naisuta is already draining all of my energy and time haha but I really like their cutie fresh image! Especially I love how they already became close with their big brother, like how Takuma and Kengo having a lunch date and taking purikura (photo sticker) together. Naisuta and Magipuri is like a same-aged friend, but HiFive is a real younger brother to them so seems like they already spoiled the kids.

Btw Kai is really similiar to Shuhei haha, I though it’s only on the outside, and he actually got the same color with Shuhei! And his personality is also bright and he likes to make video haha even Kengo commented once when seeing his video passed by twitter, saying ‘I thought it’s AbeNikki (name of Shuhei’s daily video)..’ lol. I thought the same too when watching the video! XD

The only crossover we need

Btw since HayaTaku is already very famous in TikTok app, the group received more attention and even the official HiFive twitter’s follower already reached more than 7000 in a short time and surpassed Naisuta’s!

I’m also fascinated by the fact that he became the leader of the group, since Yuya is the oldest. But since he already had the most experience of them all, I think it’s a good decision to choose him. Besides, he has the aura that pulls people to him haha so I think the members will listen to him well. Btw they haven’t revealed the center yet, but fans are already speculating that other than being a leader, HayaTaku is going to be the center too. I know he is the face of the group since he’s the most famous, but if he got two hardest role at once, I’m worried that he will be burdened… so Idk how to feel about it.


I think Yuya is really calming though, I like to see his photos to make up my mood haha. But my favorite member maybe Kai because how he’s really similiar to Shuhei! (the weird and funny traits). Shuhei also looks really happy that he finally got his own green brother lol. Back then since Naisuta doesn’t have green, and the members would team up with the same colors, Shuhei will be left out and he sulked about that. Btw Daigo is kinda biaswrecker too? He got a handsome face similiar to Kaoru but a more cheerful and funny personality which I like! haha. I don’t think I saw much about Noguchi, tho, but he seems  suspiciously smart and blunt haha I look forward of more of him too!

Anyway, please support HiFive too like Magipri and Naisuta! 😉

Go follow them on:

Twitter: @HiFiveJP

Website: https://hi-five.jp/

Oh yeah, btw they still don’t update their website, so they’re still using Watanabe Entertainment’s website to post their profile. Go check it out here

The family is really big now!


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