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[Download] Nine Stars – Kiss Me Fire CD+DVD

DVD Cover

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wish everyone a good luck this year! (and for me too uwu)

Since today is a special day, I might as well give you guys a gift~ also as a sorry since I’m not really active in blog and social media.. I think it has been a very long time since I last shared something here? ^^

So today, I’m gonna share Naisuta’s second single, Kiss Me Fire!

Actually, many has asked about this CD since it has been released long ago and now Naisuta even going to release their fourth CD soon.. Oh btw, have you saw the PV yet? I wrote the post about it here

As I said before, I broke my camera and phone and had no money.. so I delayed buying this for a long time.. TT_TT

But finally! I can buy this baby and honestly it’s really worth it ❤

As usual, let me review the CD first before giving the link!

This CD was released at 2 May 2018. As usual there are six versions: DVD, CD, and each of the member’s special CD. And I bought the DVD version with this cover! But honestly all of the versions are really tempting! I personally wanted a Yabu one but yeah, can only buy one so might as well buy the DVD for the MV and Making videos!

Honestly I really like the cover! The fashion and aesthetic style is really my things! Especially love how Yabu is wearing a hat hehe he looks good in hat so he should wear it more~ And I don’t know that Masaki would looks that gorgeous with scarf ❤

Ths CD design is also simple but cute! I always love how they made it simply fit their theme but not too obvious! This time it looks like a spiral of fire! Oh by the way, like before, the black one is for CD and the white one is DVD.

Other than good designs, I also got plenty of contents! The CD contains Kiss Me Fire and Stay Gold, and also both of their instrumental version (without lyrics). The DVD contains MV and MV Making video, which for me is what made this CD worth the most! Honestly, the Making video is so long, like 16 minutes, and Naisuta in the videos are so.. uwu. I can’t describe it properly, but just… you know, uwu… I really love it!

Like, how Masaki fanned Takuya, or how Masaki got so flustered when staff asked him to wink and gave a flying kiss (Oh yeah, spoiler but beware of Masaki’s wink attacks in the MV!). And how they bully Yabu lmaoooo

I.. might almost oshihen-ed to Masaki from Yabu because of this uwu (Kengo, I know how you feels now huhu)

So guys! if you like them, please also support Naisuta by buying their CD okay? I might not be able to share them forever for you.. so please just know that the CD and DVD are soooooo worth our money!

Ah, but one thing I’m gonna complain is the makeup! The makeup is too dry for the MV’s theme, so I think they at least need a more visible lipstick? A pink one would be nice so they would looks more fresh, they looks pale 😦 And more thick foundation please.. Maybe because I watched many KPop MV these days (bcos of WannaOne hehe) where they use flaless makeup, so I felt even thought this MV used many zoom-ins but the face is too natural and the only makeup visible is the eyeliner huhu

Oh, and btw they said Masaki actually hurt his neck because of the necklace he wore when he did the acrobatic move.. and had to go to hospital for it after the filming. Big respect to Masaki :’) Honestly Masaki is so precious and cute we must protect him at all cost!


PLEASE, DO NOT REUPLOAD ON OTHER SITE, ESPECIALLY STREAMING SITES (Youtube, Dailymotion, Bilibili, Souncloud, Facebook, etc)


And if you can, please support them by buying their CD and DVD! Especially if you like a certain member, they each have their own version of the CD with a special track bonus!

Or please at least also buy their songs from i-tunes!

You can purchase the CD and DVD at amazon or cdjapan


Download Link:

Kiss Me Fire CD

Kiss Me Fire MV

Kiss Me Fire Making of MV


As I want you guy to know more about the members, not only their songs, I put a password for the file that is an answer of the question below

“Who is the oldest member in Nine Stars?”

(10 characters, all lowercase, family name first, no space)

You can easily find the answer if you look through the Nine Stars tag! ^^ Or I wrote it blatantly here

Good luck and enjoy ^^

Tell me your feelings about the song in the comment!


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