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Hi☆Five Released their First Single MV Trailer!



Remember Hi☆Five? Yesterday they finally throw something amazing to us!

The youngest brother group finally took their turn to shine! As they’re planning to release their first ever debut single on 2 April 2019 titled ‘We are Hi☆Five’, they finally released a MV trailer for us yesterday. Just like their brother group Nine Stars, the MV was shot overseas, this time on Guam. They also have the matching out-of-season-summer-vibes MV~

Watch the MV below and don’t forget to like and comment on the video! ❤️



What do you think of the MV?

Personally I think overall this MV really reminds me of MAG!C ☆PRINCE’s Over the Rainbow MV back then, it’s really nostalgic… the freshness, the color spectrum, haha, it’s been so long. But well, since it’s a summer-vibes MV ONCE AGAIN, for the third times a row, after Magipri and Naisuta… I’m getting.. really bored of this kind of MV haha 🙂

Watanabe Pro should start thinking of another kind of aesthetic MV, sighs. Summer is cheerful, I know, but all these beaches and bright colored T-shirts, they doesn’t really stands out from other MVs…

But other than that, well, I really love the opening scene where they ran with their suitcases! Somehow that’s cute and new, like the start of a vacation.. and looks like a CM haha. And how they made the boxes with their names on it so we know who are who! Magipri and Naisuta never had it so back then I had to call them with colors lol, like ‘that green boy’ or something.

Hmmm, what else.. oh and as expected, HayaTaku really became the center, huh~ And! Daigo is so handsome hshshsh he’s really the visual of the group uhhh despite the MV’s plainness I can only remember his handsome face and his nice voice~ I almost oshihen-ed to him but nope Kai is still my favorite! Hehe. Yuya and Yusuke is so cute, tho, I wish they got more exposure in the MV too. And I wonder if this song got any rap? If there is any, who’s gonna rap? Haha.

But one thing that caught my interest the most… why is this song not released under Universal Music Japan as usual, like their brothers? Instead of that, they released this under Kino.. Music? Which barely has name and their channel only got two other videos with few views other than HiFive… I mean, if they released under big company like UMJ, won’t they got more views and fans? Why Kino, though? Are they another subsidiary of WE…

Well, you may not like this post since I kinda.. criticized them a lot haha, despite they’re supposed to be a new group who’s about to debut but noooo, it’s WE third group so they should do better than this! X(

I still see many positive points from the MV, but guess I just got a bit disappointed in my expectation. I maybe love Magipri, Naisuta and HiFive soooo much, but I’m very objective and honest to my opinion, so.. I love you guys but sowwyy for my harsh word huhu. I expect better in the future, tho! And yeah, despite all this whining, guess what? I’m still gonna buy the CD and DVD! Who knows, maybe the full version will be really worth it? How whipped am I? 🙂

(a.k.a RIP my wallet)

Don’t forget to order your CD at CDJapan or AmazonJP !

I hope you’ll support these kids too! Please give them a lot of love :*



4 thoughts on “Hi☆Five Released their First Single MV Trailer!

  1. To be honest when I first started this video I was like “wow that blue guy looks so much like Kaoru”!! XD
    Between I like the thing with the names in the music video as well. Now I know that Daigo is the blue guy. XD However I personally think that Kai is the most good looking one in the group. Thought somehow he looks SO much better in video then on pictures (I just stalked their twitter XDDDD).
    As for the summer theme I get why you are bored about. I guess I will never get enough of summer videos so I liked this one a lot too but also hope the next one will have a different theme.
    At least I also wonder why they debut under such an unknown label. I check it out and there is only 3 artists on their website. Hi Five isn’t even mentioned until now. That’s really weird. Hopefully it doesn’t affect their debut too much!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha samee, everyone thought he really looks like Kaoru! While Kai kinda resembles Shuhei in both visual and traits 😉
      Ahhh, I see. I guess many people also like the theme a lot, that’s why they use it repeatedly..
      Yeah, that’s the weirdest part of this! I mean, their followers already surpassed Naisuta even before debuting but they chose to use risky label despite the hype?? >_<


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