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MAG!C☆PRINCE Reveals Their “Gomen, Hanashitakunai’ MV!!


Hello, long time no see! Do you know that MAG!C☆PRINCE has released the teaser MV of their new song at Youtube?

Sorry for disappearing for so long.. as usual I’m very busy with my work! But since the new MV is out, of course I have to squeeze in some time to post about it and let you know! ^^ (tho I’m late by one day lol)

Watch the MV for their 8th single, ゴメン、、離したくない (read: Gomen, Hanashitakunai/ lit translated as ‘Sorry, I don’t want to Let Go’) below!


How is it? What do you think about the MV? ^^


I’m really happy that they’re back with the dark indoor vibe again after SUMMER LOVE! It has been almost half a year? after their previous single, since they released their second album last December. If you have been following my blog and read my MV posts, maybe you remember in my previous post, I was complaining how I got bored with all those summery-themed MVs.. so when I saw this MV, I became relieved! BOSS somehow can hear my wish, huh? Haha.

Well, old fans, you must be thinking the same with me though: this MV automatically reminds you of UPDATE and Best My Friend right?

I really love how they made the opening sequence tho! They’re staring with such a nice expressions with each of their own color’s glimpse of light! So we can instantly get interested in the MV from the start because of their one by one’s handsome face~ Oh, and if you followed their twitter, you might already know how Kengo, Shuhei and Kaoru color their hair, right? I hope you’re not surprised to see their hair in this MV, hehe ^^

At first I kinda feel conflicted to see them colored their hair in such bright color after used to their innocent-ish black hair for so long,but since this MV’s theme is black.. actually their colorful color stands out a lot and looks good! Since like UPDATE, you can’t really distinguish the members by color, it kinda helps since some new fans can recognize them by hair color (well, someone even ask me about Shuhei by referring him as ‘blonde boy’)

Though maybe that makes Taishin and Hikaru doesn’t really visible, tho.. Ah but!! The opening scene where taishin uncovered his mark in his face… I really loves it! It looks so elegant, idk, but I hope people will think the same with me of that scene?? (●♡∀♡)


And second!! That watery floor! This is a secret, but… actually I love if some MV use watery floor for their scenes! It somehow made them more aesthetic! For example, like my K-POP bias Wanna One when they made the Spring Breeze MV.. So despite the plain black background with those heavenly light, I fell in love with the splashes of water as they dance! (●♡∀♡)

By the way the black background and lights are actually so-so, but I like it when they changed into that.. what do you call it? Shadowy?? scene??

Well but overall this is just really like UPDATE once again. Since the MV heavily focused only on the dance, no different scenes in between.. I almost got bored if not for that romantic moves from Kaoru and Kengo (plus Taishin) lmaooo. This kinds of moves were also there in UPDATE, tho. I know many of people actually love that kinds of scene, right? Hahaha so I hope many people will love this MV too!

And lastly, the song!! It’s been a while since they don’t use english title haha, and also one more similiarities with UPDATE.. they both talk about not moving on! lol. It’s said that they aim to make Magipri looks more mature with the theme and the love song. Despite the sad theme, I really like the catchy music and the lyrics are so simple to hear~ So it’s easy in the ear~ Once again, I’m never betrayed by Magipri on their good songs!

The song is composed by Wild Animals again~ Oh, and the choreo is made by FISHBOY too, as usual. But for the coupling song later, ‘Break It Down’, Shuhei will be the one who coreographed it! He actually asked for it to BOSS through twitter post, and well, BOSS really spoiled the kid and seeing how Shuhei’s so ambitious and talented, of course he agrees and let him do it! Can’t wait to see it~ I hope they upload a video of the dance, huhu, I’m really curious to see my baby’s dance!

Anyway, I’m also really curious to see the rest of the MV! Can’t wait for the DVD!

The CD and DVD is going to be released at 4 July 2019! Don’t forget to buy it, okay?^o^

You can buy it from amazonjp or CDJapan !

Or if you want to buy but still don’t know how, I can recommend you some proxy service shop! ^^ Since I also use it, I assure you that it’s really easy, you only need to give them the web link and pay! Just message me if you wanna ask~

Or if you want to support but don’t have the money, please at least stream their video a lot or listen through i-tunes or spotify! I don’t know if this song will appear at spotify tho, since usually they only added it after they released an album, but recently they released Naisuta and HiFive’s CD to soptify real quick so I guess we can expect it? But I don’t know if the song will be availablein all regions, tho.. I hope it would so people around the world can hear it!  >_<

Let’s support Gomen Hanashitakunai!


(btw, here’s a bonus pic of Taishin and Hikaru bcos since they didn’t color their hair, they somehow looks much younger and cuter hehehe)



6 thoughts on “MAG!C☆PRINCE Reveals Their “Gomen, Hanashitakunai’ MV!!

  1. Kengo and Shuhei look so good with their coloured hair uhuhdwuh
    And agree with you about getting kinda bored with the summer-themed MVs lately, this one is really similar to Update and I like it a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Unfortunately, full music videos from Magic Prince are not available internationally on Apple Music/iTunes (Japan only). So, don’t waste your time. The full version music video will not be released on VEVO.


    1. Yes, the full MV is not available anywhere except you buy the DVD. That’s why the DVD is so worth it~
      But the full songs are available in i-tunes and spotify in some countries~ (as far as I know not in US tho) I listen to their songs through Spotify everyday too even though I already have the CDs ^^


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