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MAG!C ☆PRINCE Unofficial International Fanpage Open! ^o^


Actually, I have been preparing for this since a while ago..

A Twitter Fanpage for International fans! Yeayyy! ^o^

I made a fanpage account to make it easier for international fans to meet each other and gather around! And well, rainbow pudding can’t really do much because it’s my personal account hahaha. A fanbase sounded more powerful, right?

Actually I have been hesitating to make it or not, because I’m afraid I can’t really run it since I’m busy.. but people are supporting me do it 😀 Thanks for your support and care, guys! Btw, the twitter name is also based on a poll I made on twitter, haha. I hope it’s easy to find and remember~

The fanpage aren’t really ready yet, though, since I’m still setting up things and making a main thread to sum Magipri up now. But after I finished with it I promise that the page will be more active and will have many interesting content! As I might be busy and tend to disappear, I might hire some admins, hehe.

We are very open to anyone who’s interested in MAG!C ☆PRINCE! Old fans, new fans, curious people, boys, girls, wherever you are from and no matter how old are you, we’d love to know you and your love for Magipri! ^^

So please follow the twitter, @magicprince_int okay!!

Join our International Cheerz family!

And help us by promoting it with likes and RTs!

I want Magipri to know that they have many fans from around the world! 

(Btw, check the pinned tweet for the main thread!)

And if you want to ask but you are shy, you can also ask through our Curious Cat!



4 thoughts on “MAG!C ☆PRINCE Unofficial International Fanpage Open! ^o^

  1. Unfortunately, full version from“Gomen, Hanashitakunai’ MV was not released internationally on Apple Music. 😥


    1. Well, we shouldn’t really expect the full MV cos they want people to buy their DVD.. 😅
      But hey! Fortunately now the single is released internationally in all region on Spotify and i-tunes~ So we can hear the full song~ ♥


        1. Ahh I mean the new single Gomen, Hanashitakunai! I heard from people that it’s available in all of their countries~
          But I hope one day 111 is available in your country, too 😭
          All of their albums are available in my country so I don’t know what makes them do that


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