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I’m back! キミラブ (KimiLove) English Subbed + Romaji!


Hey, guys! Have you stream Gomen, Hanashitakunai?

It’s now available in all regions around the world on i-tunes and Spotify! 


OMG, it’s been so long that I don’t know what to say! Haha.

Anyway, how are you guys? Hehe.

I’m so sorry if any of you keep looking forward for updates of this blog. Disappearing has been a habit of mine in the two years I wrote in this blog. Back then when I started this, I’m still a student so I have time, but now that I have work.. I’m always really busy with job and adulting life. But relax, I’ll never leave, I just need break from time to time..

And I plan to be active again now since I think I got the time and spirit to do it!

So~ As a warm up, I did this translation and sub for キミラブ (read: Kimirabu). The song is actually really simple and easy, but I chose to upload this because I really like their performance! In the performance you can see how creative and flexible Magipri is since not only dancing and singing like usual, they can also do acrobat + lightstick dancing in it! I’m a person who got bored easily, so this kind of performance is really amazing, because the put on many surprises that will keep you entertained and awed until the end~!

You can see it yourself below~

Btw don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe~ So it will motivate me to keep subbing and uploading content ^^

I still have many things to sub tho, haha. Majidora, Kitkat movie, Bakupuri.. I did it all myself so I’m a bit slow, but don’t worry they’re already in my work in progress. Btw I just thought that WE should allow free translation features in their Magipri videos.. I can easily sub them there instead.. With english sub I think they will get noticed more.. (or at least do a paid ad in Youtube like other idols, geez).

At the meantime, I will also try to be active on twitter and instagram.. and write a lot here too! I have many drafts too but I just need time to finish them all huhu TT_TT


So, while waiting, can you help me?

Please support and promote Magipri a lot! ❤






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