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Actor Abe-chan Strikes Back! High & Low The Worst Episode 0??

DzdMIqnUcAIPnm5Another drama appearance for MAG!C☆PRINCE!?

I know this news had came out for like a week ago? Maybe? But I just got the feel to write about it now, hehe. Have you heard about this good news yet?

Once again, our actor Abe-chan!! Is getting a job! 😊

He will be playing a role as Masuda in a new drama titled High & Low The Worst Episode 0, that will started playing in July 17th! Some of you may already are familiar with the High & Low franchise, but actually I never watched it fully because it’s not my kinda genre hahah. If you like Crows Zero, then try watching High & Low, because it will perfectly suit your taste!

The franchise is about five gangs in a city that fight each other; the five gangs are called S.W.O.R.D, taken by the first  alphabet of each gang’s name: Sannoh Rengokai, White Rascals, Oya Kohkoh, Rude Boys and Daruma Ikka. First broadcasted in 2015, the franchise has become really popular and made many movie sequels, the latest is High & Low The Movie 3 Final Mission in 2017. To me it’s like Crows Zero but with more style and unique character, haha. I once took a peek of their movie because Inaba Yuu played in it  lol 😜

And oh, they’re going to release their new movie this October 2019 titled High & Low The Worst! So this Episode 0 drama is like the prequel story of the movie. I heard that the movie will features a war between High & Low and Crows Zero franchise! So it’s a crossover from both movies! I don’t like this kinda fighting-school-wars genre before but after watching the trailer, it looks somehow interesting! Haha. Oh and since I’m a Watanabe Entertainment’s followers.. do you know that Yamada Yuki and Shison Jun will be in it too!?

Watch the trailer for the movie below!

(too bad there’s still no trailer for Episode 0 uh i wanna see my baby boyyy)

Hmm, I hope it will be available in my country too? Recently there’s many Japanese movie coming in

So yeah forgot the usual buy one get one and more bonus strategy from WE, after hearing this news I kinda get it why Shuhei was chosen to participate in this! Recently Shuhei cut his hair short and dye it blonde, making him looks like a badboy. And he has such a hyperactive and athletic traits too, so he will do well in fighting scenes (um, anyone still remember that he can do karate and boxing and once praticed to be an athlete?). I think Taishin can be in this too, tho with his acrobatic moves.. but he’s not here huhu SERIOUSLY WE NEED TO DEBUT ACTOR TAISHIN AND ACTOR HIKARU TOO! 😦

Anyway, I think Shuhei’s looks + skills will make him the best actor for this! I just hope he’s not just being some mob who was thrown and kicked by the main actor.. Give him some nice character pls huhu Shuhei always done great as a supporting character all these time~

Btw for this drama Shuhei was absent from Magipri event for some times and when he finished shooting it he now dyed his hair ash gray~ go check it out on their twitter! (Just click the button on my side header!)

And if you’re interested in High & Low, don’t forget to follow their twitter to get new updates! Go follow @HiGH_LOW_PR

Maybe I will watch the drama if I have time~

What about you? Are you going to watch it too?

UPDATE: Since I see many of you accidentally came here bcos you’re looking for the drama.. You can watch the RAW of the drama easily in pandora.tv ! Remember that Shuhei starts appearing in episode 2! ^^


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