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Avengers Idols Unit Assembled!? 14STARS!


Wow! Who are these handsome boys in one frame? Are they a new group??


Ding! Actually, you’re both wrong and right! 😊

If you followed this blog, you may already realized some familiar faces up there, right? Or if you didn’t realize it, let me explain to you! They are 14STARS!

14STARS  is a group that is consisted of MAG!C☆PRINCE, 九星隊 (Nine Stars), and Hi☆Five. Every group is part of Watanabe Entertainment, a big agency in Japan mostly known by their actors and comedian. MAG!C☆PRINCE (Magipri) and Hi☆Five are based in Tokai Region (such as Nagoya, Aichi, Okazaki, etc), while Nine Stars (Naisuta) is based in Kyushu. Magipri is the oldest group, debuted in December 2015, while their younger brother Naisuta debuted in December 2017 and HiFive just debuted this April 2019.

Never heard of them? Then please check my blog for further details by clicking on the link of each name above. And dig in deeper with their hashtags and categories that I religiously put on each post! Hehe, since I follow them from the start and work on one post per one progress~

Anyway, now that there are three groups, their company want to assemble them for a big Tanabata Concert, this 7 July 2019! to make it simple to call their family, their BOSS had actually asked for members’ and fans’ suggestion for the gathering of the group’s names on SNS, and it was finally decided to name their whole family as 14STARS! It’s actually really similiar to Nine Stars just with different numbers, haha.

When it’s first announced, their official website is actually just putting a countdown and 14STARS name there. Time by time, they’re also adding full members photo and an announcement that they’re going to make a new song that will be performed by the 14STARS family in the concert, titled 「恋をしようJAPAN」!

Recently, they’re also announcing that they’re all going to perform their senior, D-DATE’s song in the concert, titled Blue Dahlia. Let me explain this, though I said that Magipri is the oldest group, but actually WE had a famous boygroup named D-DATE before, consisted of D-BOYS members Seto Koji, Araki Hirofumi, Horii Arata, Yanagishita Tomo, Nakamura Yuichi (former), and Igarashi Shunji (former). But the group’s never really active anymore for years.. though some of them are consistently being the judge of all group’s audition and sometimes coming as guest to their events. Blue Dahlia (full title is Blue Dahlia  – Te Ni Hairanai Kimi) is one of their song that I really love, tho tbh I love all of their songs too, so I’m really happy that 14STARS are going to revive the song again! ❤️

(I suddenly really missed them.. can their song being revived again on i-tunes or Spotify pls huhuhu 😭😭)

Looks like BOSS is excited too since he uploaded all of each group’s practice for Blue Dahlia!

Magipri version:

 Nine Stars version:

HiFive version:

And lastly, this old D-DATE version! XD

Honestly, Blue Dahlia is such a cheerful song with unique lightstick dance that everyone can enjoy~ I have the full version video of Blue Dahlia being performed on D-DATE’s concert tho, but when I tried to find the link now I can’t find it?? I actually wanted to show it to you guys huhu 😦 Maybe it got erased, but thank goodness I saved it so if anyone wants to see, you can slide into my messages~😉

Btw, I know all of D-DATE members are really really busy since they’re all famous actors, but but but.. I hope one of them, or at least another D-BOYS members.. can come to see or support 14STARS concert as their senior, and the family will become really a whole!

Anyway, I think that’s all the info we got now, I will update later if there’s anything new. Cant wait for the concert! Tho I can’t come since I don’t live in Japan, I hope they’re going to release the concert DVD since I will absolutely buy it!

For more info: 

Websites : 14stars.jp









Don’t forget to follow and support them~ 😉


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