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Idol Recommendation: SUPER FANTASY


Wow, it’s been soooo long since I recommend another group again! (not counting the previous WannaOne post) 

Actually I wanted to write this post since months ago, but.. I went MIA and finally can finish this blog post now! I hope you enjoy reading this~

FYI for this Idol Recommendation segment, I will only write groups that I actually really like. Not like any other Jpop blogs who usually stans and write about so many idol groups at one time, I’m very picky about it.. haha so if I write about a group, they’re personally handpicked by me according to my taste! uwu

Don’t worry guys, I know my recommendation is 100% amazing and trustable!!! lol

You have come to the right place~

Now, today’s recommendation is….. SUPER FANTASY!!! *clap clap*

Soo, at first I was talking to my friends Delhia, who surprisingly has the same taste like me (´꒳`∗) And she was recommending me Super Fantasy! Actually I think I heard that name somewhere before, but never got curious until she recommended it to me. Then I searched the name on Youtube and… discovering their songs, I instantly fell in love!!


At first I was like.. ‘What is this.. they’re so.. CHOONEE (Chuunibyou)??’ but then quickly shifted to ‘Adsfgshsnjs why I can’t stop playing this song in my head!!!!!’

So turns out, the group theme is fairy tales and  they made all the songs based on that theme. As for the group’s description, I quote from the website: “This is a completely NEW entertainment project,which you can jump into the world of fairy tale and go to pick up the happy ending.”

Hence explain the dreamlike performance and the musical-like dance.. The songs are so catchy, and the synchronized dance are so magical! Their song is basically like a story themselves! And their voices are so unique with a high range of vocal! Like, they’re very different from any other group!

SUPER FANTASY made their debut on February 2, 2017 and regularly perform live at their dedicated theatre in Akasaka every Sunday. There are actually consisted of three groups: HERO, VILLAIN, and SUPER FANTASY (Full Team, HERO & VILLAIN combined). Even the concept is interesting hahah. They have already released five Mini Album so far: SNOW WHITE, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, ROMEO AND JULIET, MERMAID and KAGUYA. They’re all familiar titles, right? 😉

Oh! And  with this kind of songs and concept, if you like Vocaloids, Kalafina or Wednesday Campanella… I think you will come to like them!!

Oh and I really like this song too!

Especially the part when they’re like, singing in the water! That *blubb blubb* sfx? That part is sooooo amazing and unique!! Also then the dance where they imitate the wave!! They really depict the whole Mermaid concept, from music, lyrics, and dance!! I really love it when a song has a solid theme, especially depicted from a story or person!

They also just released their 5th Mini Album titled “Distance” with Kaguya theme this 27 February 2019, and they proved to be very consistent on improving their music and performance quality!

What do you think of theirs songs these far? Aren’t they all amazing?

They’re not your usual swaggy and cutie idol group and show their aesthetic class! Honestly, looking at their video views, I think they are really underrated! Where are you, people of culture? They need more love and support!! (`Д´)



If you guys know me from my previous posts, actually I don’t like groups with too many members since it’s too crowded, and well, SUPER FANTASY has 8 members (as of now, but before they had 10 members like shown in the MV and above pic). Anything above five members is still too many for me hahaha. And there was this main vocalist who always appears most in the MV, so throughout all that crowd, I can only barely remember the main vocalist and the rapper with cute voice haha (but really! It’s kinda rare for a rapper to have that kind of voice since usually they use low-tone voice for rap part!) But now that I think about it, their musical synchronized performance needs a lot of members to look that good~ I guess I need more time to familiarize myself with the many members~

Speaking of the members, since there are so many of them, I think I won’t write too detailed like usual hahah.. the official web also doesn’t provide us with a proper profile wtf >_< at least write their skills or hobby rather than only putting their profile on the corner of your web! huhu



Twitter: @superfantasy_it

Instagram : @superfantasy_it

Birthday: 1 January

Likes art and photography

To me he seems precious and kinda shy, also always make that o_o expression on photo haha




Twitter: @superfantasy_tk

Instagram : @superfantasy_tk

Birthday: 27 August

Main vocal, his voice is really beautiful. Half Korea and Japan.

The member most people will remember first because he appear the most in MVs, but it is said in their live performances he’s not actually the most popular (so there’s no gap of popularity like I was worried about). I actually like his face the most when he wears glasses at his normal day (I have a thing for it okay, hshshhshs)




Twitter: @superfantasy_jn

Instagram : @superfantasy_jn

Birthday: 24 October

Likes plushies and cats

His charm to me is how he always slightly open his mouth when taking pics lol but visual-wise he’s my favorite in the group!




Twitter: @superfantasy_lt

Instagram : @superfantasy_lt

Birthday: 27 August

Loves photography and clothes

A bright and funny kid, has passion in comedy. I really loves his hair! Seems so perfect-color and fluffy, it suits him a lot! uwu. Personality-wise, he is my favorite in the group.




Twitter: @superfantasy_tb

Instagram : @superfantasy_tb

Birthday: 6 March

Rapper and the tallest in the group

Really skinny and has flexible body. It’s said that he has a huge role in editing all member’s videos, writing lyrics (especially rap), and planning performance




Twitter: @superfantasy_fl

Instagram : @superfantasy_fl

Birthday: 7 February

Rapper, likes arts, design and photography

He is also the main dancer and dance since he was young. Likes to wear neon glasses. I think his fashion sense is really unique lol




Twitter: @superfantasy_yt

Instagram : @superfantasy_yt

Birthday: 30 May

Half Korean and Japan. Fluent in Korean language.

Another cheerful and friendly kid. Likes to recognize/remember fans name/face.  A very kind person whose mission is to make people around him happy or laugh. Really cherish his family a lot. He also often covers KPOP dance.




Twitter: @superfantasy_ha

Instagram : @superfantasy_ha

Birthday: 30 December

Vocalist and sometimes a bratty prince.

His charm is his spoiled and bratty personality, so members and fans kinda let him do what he wants lol. But actually he’s a hardworker. His eyes made him looks like a doll. Recently began acting in Stageplay called W’z




He graduated in March 2019.




Tbh I don’t know what happens to him. While they send off Neo properly, Arashi just disappeared and his twitter account (@superfantasy_aris locked. Someone give me tea?


Who do you like the most? They all seems prince-ly right? Like that prince in a white horse from those fairytales books! 😀

Anyway, after the graduation of two members, they’re announcing the new era as Season 2  and going to release a new mini album with Cinderella theme this 25 September 2019! I really can’t wait for another of their unique music! I hope they can top the chart someday since they deserves it!

They’re also making a new brother group of Super Fantasy named Super Fantasy Bros that has 3 units in it (B,R,O)! (@superfantasy_br)

If you want to support them, they are performing regularly in a special tater in Akasaka every Sunday, so if you are interested, please do come to watch! They said the live performance is so magical with many theatrical action and musical tropes!

Buy their CD at CDJapan or AmazonJP

They usually released three versions: Regular version, HERO vers and VILLAIN vers. Though, looking at the tracklist, it seems the only difference is the cover? But their CD contains many tracks, and there’re also Live Performance version of some songs so it’s really worth it!

Or if you can’t buy their CD, their songs are also available on i-tunes and Spotify!! Go hear them now and join their world of Fantasy~!


For more information:

Website :

Twitter  : @superfantasy_fv


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