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幕末☆PRINCE Drama Got a Sequel :幕末☆ STARS!!


Nine Stars finally got their own Bakumatsu Drama! Hurray!!

Doesn’t the teaser pic look funny already?


Good news for all Nine Stars fans! They will finally have their first drama!

If you followed Magipri and this blog, you may already know 幕末☆PRINCE (Bakumatsu Prince), so now let’s welcome it’s  indirect sequel, 幕末☆ STARS!! (Bakumatsu Stars)

(Or if you don’t have any idea of what’s that, you can read my review of the drama first 😉 )

A bit of information, so this Bakumatsu drama will be in the same format as before, which is about famous samurais from Japanese history who time-slipped into the future and will live there while adapting to modern days. Different from BakuPuri who focuses on Shinsengumi, this time Nine Stars will act as Shinsengumi’s arch nemesis, Sakamoto Ryoma and his group!

“In 1886, Ryoma Sakamoto, Takamori Saigo, Kogoro Katsura, and Shinsaku Takasugi all gathered in Kyoto to form an alliance. However, all of them were struck by sudden lightning and time slipped to Fukuoka in 2019. A daily comedy depicting Bakumatsu citizens who live as university students in the present era. Furthermore, they visit the place associated with each of them, and the history we all know will be rewritten as they time slipped..” — from Nine Star’s website.

The cast will be:

Yamaguchi Takuya  as Sakamoto Ryoma

Oike Mizuki will as Saigo Takamori

Nakamura Masaki as Katsura Kogoro

Yabu Yusuke as Takasugi Shinsaku

Bakumatsu ☆ STARS or BakuSuta will start airing from Sunday, August 4 2019 in all Kyushu prefectures! In addition, the new song “ONE STAR” from their new album (which will will be  released on August 20 2019) will be the opening song of the drama.

I’m really excited for the drama! As you know, I really really love BakuPuri. Though I don’t know anything about history, but I still really enjoy it because of the comedies and the cameos! In Bakupuri, Sakamoto Ryoma is acted by Tanaka Takushi, but now it’s acted by Takuya, and Takasugi Shinsaku was acted by Mikami Masashi, now by Yabu. I wonder if Magipri members will also appear in the drama as cameos too? Or many of Watanabe actors and comedian? I bet Goriken will appear, lol.

But well, since I don’t live in Japan.. I can only wait for the DVD… huhuhu. It’s okay, I will patiently wait while re-watching my BakuPuri DVD again and again.. since they’re still funny even after many times I watched it, haha. For you who haven’t watch it, I english subbed some of BakuPuri episodes! You can watch it herehere and here ! (Or subscribe to my Youtube channel in case I subbed another episode in the future~!)

By the way, what made me curious the most is why Mizuki brought that dog toy like a little kid lol. Also Yabu as Shinsaku.. just like the previous Mikami played the guitar, Yabu’s Shinsaku also brought that shamisen. I bet his character will be as annoying as in the previous series, hahaha, just like he was always bullied in the real life (oops).

Let’s support Nine Star’s first drama together~!


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