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Nine Stars Fan Project Open!


Hey guys! This is a bit of filler, but

I have an important and good news for Nine Stars and 14Stars family fans!


Do you know that Nine Stars are going to release their 1st album “ONE STAR” at this coming 20 August 2019? I was there with them since the beginning almost two years ago? and now I’m so proud that they’re going to release their first ever album! 😊

By the way, if you still haven’t know about them, just check my #kyushuboys tag in this blog to know their journey since the audition until this far! And don’t forget to check their songs and MV videos, hehe. (And follow them at @nine_stars4 on twitter!)

So, my friend Delhia is making a project for International Nine Stars (Naisuta) fans! She will create a book with international fan’s message and photos, and will deliver the book herself on the last day of the album’s release event on 25 August 2019!

Isn’t an amazing project? We want to show Naisuta that they have many international fans too! But in order to do that, we need your help!

So what can you do? Basically:

  1. Write a message/ letter for Naisuta members. The message is preferably to be written in Japanese or English so it’s easier to read. You can write about anything! tell them who you are, where you came from, your favorite songs from them, etc! But remember,  please refrain from sending any weird message (like sexual, creepy, threating comments) because we will never include it in the book.
  2. Take a photo! It could be you selfie doing their signature pose (giving salute), pics of you with their album, pics of you with support message, or your pics doing anything, you’re free to do anything! But again, no weird picture allowed!
  3. Draw an illustration! Are you good at drawing? Just let us know! Or do you always make a Naisuta meme? We could have that too to increase the fun in the book!

Then, send your message/photos/illustrations to us! You can also contact us anytime you have any questions about this project since we’re happy to help!

You can send through:

Please send your content at the latest by 15 August 2019! (Because we need time to sort, design and print them) You have three weeks to send us your contents!

We don’t really have strict rule and just happy if there are many people who would like to participate in this project, so please feel free to join us! Let’s all support Naisuta together and making this project a success! ^^

Or if you don’t want to participate, please help promote this project so we can reach more International Naisuta fans! You can just share the banner below XD

We will wait for your messages~






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