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Hi☆Five Released ‘Heartbeat’ Trailer!



The second single from Hi☆Five this year! Have you watched it yet~?


Hello guys.. Sorry I’m so late at writing this because it has been a month since the trailer is released..?? I’m really, really sorryyy 😦

As usual, I disappeared for quite a time huhu, I was busy with something (gonna reveal it at another post! Though, if you followed my twitter, you may already know why) but I will try to post more.

Soo, did you guys love Hi☆Five’s previous song, their debut single We are Hi☆Five? Now these talented kids came back with another single, and they finally released a trailer!

The 2nd Single is titled ‘Heart Beat‘!

Watch the MV below and don’t forget to like and comment on the video! ❤️


What do you think?

Doesn’t it scream YOUTH very much? XD

You may also think this MV reminds you of Magipri’s Spin The Sky, with its school theme! but really, it’s been years since Spin The Sky and I really missed this kind of MV.. Despite the usual, slice-of-life scenes, I can’t seem to take my sight away from the video and it didn’t bores me?? It feels really nice, and would be good for some refreshing drinks CM, like you know, those Pocari Sweat advertisement? This movie would suit those kind of ad very much!

When I first saw it, I immediately think “THIS IS IT!!” This theme suit them very much because of their young and refreshing image! This is what I’ve been waiting for so long!

Btw my favorite scene is when Yuya feed Takuya because it’s so uwuuu! I really love their bromance from all HiFive’s relationship hehe. Oh and Kai looks so handsome here hhhhhhh.

I don’t need to mention the song because as always it’s very good! The type of song is consistent with We Are HiFive and very cheerful, it blends well with the MV that it really looks like an ad hahhahaa.

Oh btw Heat Beat also became the ad song for HiFive’s Imoto no Wifi CM. Though they use Hongkong again like Magipri before, but they used different places haha. I really loves HayaTaku’s spinning circle and Yuya’s aesthetic praying scene!

Watch it here:


Anyway, sadly because they still use Kino channel the MV’s views is so few.. I wish many people can watch them too because Heart Beat is so good! So please share it to your friend if you can!

Heart Beat is going to be released this 17 September 2019!

Let’s support HiFive by buying their CD at AmazonJP or CDJapan!

Or if not, let’s hear their song a lot in i-tunes or Spotify!

(Btw I’m kinda angry at this lack of promotion like.. it’s almost the release date but the CD cover’s image is nonexistent??Ugh WE better step up your game! 😤)


For more details and info, check:

Twitter:  @HiFiveJP

Website: https://hi-five.jp



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