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Surprise.. I Got a Job in Japan!?


The secret story of my other  ‘Rainbow Pudding’ life.. revealed!


This is very OOT from my other idol posts, you see. But lately I think that this has really become my personal blog, soo.. haha, I guess I just want to vent this but didn’t know where to except here? That’s why just skip if you’re not interested other than my idol post~

Soo.. just like I promised, I want to tell you one of the reason I kinda disappeared these days.. Yes, you can guess it from the title. If you followed my twitter you may already know about this, since I tweeted a bit about how stressed I was because of it. But I want to explain it in more to you guys here. Sorry if this will be long.


Actually, if you read my posts, I always write about how I was very busy with my work, so I can barely update and doing anything.. I actually work in Finance and Business sectors.. and lol guess what, despite the (not so much) money, I actually hate my job 🙂 I also studied Accounting in university and barely pass, never like it too but back then still positively thought I may get a job with this major’s degree..

I have been working for almost three years (yes, the same time I start this blog too!) and recently I was being really stressful for pushing myself to do things I don’t like, and I believe I’m not really capable of this job despite the promotion because honestly I am not smart at all in this things and never really cared much about it. Like, I don’t even know what I’m doing and I’m always scared to make mistake because I can’t actually do it 😦 ..Usually I got off my stress by watching idols video haha so Magipri and this blog actually helped me a lot to get through all of that!

And this is a confession.. Actually the money’s not so much too so it’s kinda hard for me these days to purchase Magipri and idols CD.. Oh but I still try to buy it if I can! I want to support my idol, even only by one CD.. and I want to share it to you guys too, because I know how had it is to buy a CD.

And well.. I was thinking what job should I do haha. Since I like blogging and translating I think I want to do job like content writer? Or since I like to engage with people I can do well in PR too? I can’t really depend on this blog since it’s not really crowded too haha I know people barely read this blog. But actually I got some freelance blogging job to do thanks to my follower! It’s not much but I’m so happy to do things I like. If they upload in their website later I will tell you guys hehe. Or if you guys interested and need someone to write an article/blog post especially about Japan stuff, feel free to contact me! 😉


Oh yeah, back to the topic, so I resolved to get a new job, but it’s really hard because I don’t want to work in Finance field anymore but people won’t hire me if I applied for something not my major.. until my sister who studies Japanese Language sent me a job info about a Japanese Company hiring a batch of new employees in my country. The requirements is only JLPT N3 and since I got on (barely pass it lol but at least I pass) I shamelessly applied for it, not thinking about it much.

Surprisingly, I passed the administration process and got called for the first interview and became really shocked because, they said the interview is going to be in full Japanese!? Adsdkklsls despite my N3 I only studied Japanese by myself and never speak any so I was really scared.. what if they judge me?? “How can you apply when you can’t even speak Japanese fluently?” I would be a total embarrassment in the interview!!

I studied a bit with my sister and just.. I don’t know, I gave up. I just wish this would end quickly without me embarrassing myself more. I hoped they would think I’m a snob and let me go home quickly.

But when I was in the interview.. I was really surprised again?? Because the interviewer was so nice and kind! They also provide a translator so I just talk for 10% in japanese and the rest in my my language to be translated hahahaha. I just smiled through it all and being a honest girl I was. I thought it would end in five minutes but we talked for about half an hour..

And more surpriseee, the interviewer then held my hand, and told me that (it’s a secret but) I pass this round of interview and I have to promise to come for the second interview in two weeks.. I was like… WHAT??? What just happened?? And just say yes because I was so confused? When I left the room I really can’t think straight that it all happened? Is it for real??

Turns out they’re not lying because two weeks later I got really called for a group interview and final interview with the Directors. I was hyped up at first but then when I checked the other participant list (we got the full name list who passed)… I just gave up. I mean, from all of those applicants, they are all either studying Japanese as their major or if not, they have studied in Japan for at least a year.. As for me.. Can’t speak decent japanese and never went to Japan.. How can I fight against them??

So, yep, I just gave up, like, I didn’t study anything nor prepare anything for the interview. I was so stressed because I would embarrass myself again now with much larger audience. I even thought should I bail out.. Like why should I go there if I know I will get rejected in the end?? Hmhh, but I already applied for a paid vacation for it because the interviewer told me I passed before (sorry boss I lied saying I have to go to a wedding in countryside when we are really busy), that I ended up have to brave myself out. Whatever happen, hapens. So I just bought new clothes and went to hair salon so at least I could look decent.. well at the group interview there are no translator so I just tried hard to speak simple Japanese as much as I can (with a little help from other nice applicant) and in the final interview thank god they provide me a translator again.. So well, I expect nothing because I know I was nothing compared to those amazing applicants.. 😭😭

I think my plus point that they like from their reaction is that I can eat pork and like to drink alcohol  (because in my country the religion is strong and not many people can do that, me being a kafeer one doesn’t care tho lol) and the other applicant also has limit for that. The Directors even asked me what kind of alcohol I like hahahhaa (what kind of interview is that? But I’m happy)

And surprise, surprise again. I got the job.

I was like WHATTT??? again lol. How can I got the job?? Moreover, I got to work in the PR Department, a job that I wanted for so long but have no skill nor background to get it before.. I have no words.. What kinds of fate is this.. I have no hope but why..

Actually I also failed many things in these few years, failed job interviews, failed scholarship for master study at Japan.. I keep failing and failing at things I really wanted before so I never expected things to turn out this way because I actually didn’t really want it or expect it before. But life always has surprises, I guess.

Well working in Japan sounds nice and all, but actually I got to work in Kagoshima, the furthest south side of Japan where it’s still kind of rural so I can’t expect a Japan dream life hahaha, it’s even far away from Tokyo. But at least, this is my first step to come to Japan, like I dreamed before. But Japan is Japan so, I think I can write some  post about living there in this blog! And it’s kinda near to Fukuoka so maybe I can watch Naisuta if I have time because they’re active in Kyushu region lol. I hope I can give some new idol content in this blog!! I’m moving there in February so expect more Japan and idol contents next year!

To be honest, I’m happy yet scared. I still have to study Japanese by myself until I actually move there in February. I have to live there alone and since it’s kind of rural I don’t know if I can stand living there (since I was such a city girl haha) I have to start from zero. No friends, no family, the language barrier, and the jobs.. I just signed the contract yesterday and still doesn’t know what to do after this 😂

I really, really, don’t expect this at all but, yeah, this is how I got a job in Japan! It’s kinda weird and I think my life will be hard but, at least I can go to japan and I leave those Finance-y and accounting things I hate so much uwu. I don’t want to seem too proud, but I hope if you read this you can also get motivated to achieve what you dreamt for, because life really has its way for you! And don’t run from any challenge! Because I kept thinking, if I didn’t toughen myself that day of the interview, despite the fear of embarrassment and rejection, maybe I won’t get this job and will regret it for the rest of my life! Nothing is impossible!

And I was really, really grateful for my twitter friends who cheered me up when I was so stressed about the interview. Thank youuu! huhu. I may make a giveaway as my thanks, just wait for it!

(And for people who hasn’t follow me, let’s become mutuals! My twitter is @rainbowpuddblog )

Soo, anyway if any of you are also living in Japan, especially Kagoshima, hit me up anytime! I may need some advice on living there tho >_< Wish me luck guys for my next journey! Meanwhile, I will try to improve my blog!

Tl;dr I got a job in Kagoshima but before that, next month 6-14 October 2019 I will go for a vacation in Tokyo! So if you are there at that time, let’s meet up!! 



2 thoughts on “Surprise.. I Got a Job in Japan!?

  1. Congrats on getting the job! I am really happy for you! I wish I could work and live in Japan for at least a while too. I am not in Japan in October but I am planing on flying there again in February and I actually plan on traveling around Kyushu so if you are already in Japan around that time and aren’t to busy I would love to meet up.
    I wishing you all the best for the work and hope you will a wonderful time there and that this time you will enjoy your job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaaaaaa thanks!! ❤️❤️
      Yesss, I hope we can meet up and fangirl together! If you come to Kagoshima (though I’m still newb) I will treat you food haha XD
      I see you’re traveling to Japan quite a lot, that’s also nicee!
      Thank you for your wishes huhu I will try my best! Wish you success and happiness too! ❤️❤️


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