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MAG!C☆PRINCE Released 9th Single’s Teaser ‘Try Again’


The first single without Kengo..

Hello, guys! Sorry for the late post, I was sick this week and have to take a bed rest but now I’m totally fine!

Anyway how was your day? I hope something good came up to make you feel happy today~  😊 But if there’s none, don’t worry I have one for you!!

MAG!C☆PRINCE has finally released the teaser video for their 9th single, “Try Again“!!

If you haven’t know, Kengo doesn’t participate in this single because of health issues, before he announced that he will also graduate from the group. Making this single the first one without him in it.

I know any of us fans are sad and disappointed, but we have to respect his decision and move on to support him and the four members, especially now that they show their amazing power even with just the four of them!!

Watch the video below:


What do you think about the teaser MV?


Don’t you think the opening part of the song is so catchy? That “Woooo, be myself~ Woo, keep keep keep on try again~” part keep replaying in my head!! Makes me enjoy the song even before it started, haha! Also the first part of the dance is so iconic! I really love that dance move 😍

The suit’s color are soo nice! I love both the black and red costume (Holy, they’re my most fav color combination ever and suddenly magipri is wearing them??) and the suits one! especially Taishin’s.. collarbone is so sexy 👀 👀 #pleasedontjudgeme

It’s kinda lonely without Kengo’s voice since we’re too used to have him in all songs but the voice combination of the four is good too? Hikaru is in charge of the hight-pitched voice now I think. The song is good too and so cheerful huhu

The dance is also good! Other tha the first “flexing” dance, I also love the “hearing” dance at “kikasete hoshii” part! Or the “swing your hands up” dance too because I like how the suits flip uwu. I really like that the dance moves are getting more and more good!

(but flexing dance is still my No.1 since Shuhei looks fabs in it lol)

(And still salty because of short-live blue haired Shuhei ugh why not on this MV)

So, which one is your favorite?

Anyway, I’m also amazed that they filmed the MV at Nagoya Dome, the place they usually cheered at Nagoya Dragons, a Nagoya famous baseball team (Magipri is kind of an ambassador too I guess). So you can see the icon of Nagoya Dragons at the door when they came in the stadium XD

The helipad at the end of the teaser kinda reminds me of the first Magipri MV, Zettai Aishiteru tho.. Haha it’s kinda sad and iconic since this single will be the start of the new Magipri era.

And it’s the first time that Taishin flipped using the help from someone else? Haha

Anyway, Try Again will be released at  December 10th 2019!! Don’t forget to support them a lot by buying the CD or DVD okay?

You can buy it from amazonjp or CDJapan !

If you want to buy but still don’t know how, I can recommend you some proxy service shop! ^^ Since I also use it, I assure you that it’s really easy, you only need to give them the web link and pay! Just message me if you wanna ask~

Or if you don’t have any money it’s okay!! Please stream their video a lot in Youtube! And also specially because they also uploaded past full MVs at their official Youtube channel! Also you can listen to them on i-tunes and Spotify since they always upload it there too!

Or if you can’t please at least help us promoting, no, just telling is okay, about Magipri to all ofyour friends so the fandom can get bigger! 😊



3 thoughts on “MAG!C☆PRINCE Released 9th Single’s Teaser ‘Try Again’

    1. Have you seen their official Youtube channel? Coz they uploaded full video of their past MVs there..
      And I think it will available on apple music, i-tunes, and spotify around the world since recently they also always upload there~


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