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Hello :)

I’m sorry for disappearing… again :”)

I know that it’s been like.. six months? since I last wrote a post in this blog. Yes, I disappeared on you guys.. again. It happened often, you may also already know that too, haha. And.. hello again!

As you all know, I have moved to Japan, and with how unprepared I was.. gritting my teeth and holding my guts with me, I faced many things here and was forced to adapt quickly. So, yes, I got really busy and didn’t have any time to write again. Even if I have the time, I was too tired and got distracted with other things. I still sometimes update things through twitter, though, but I think I have been also missing there for like.. a month? Hehe.

But something happened recently that made me think, “ahh.. I have to start blogging again!!”

So, not typical of a Japanese company (I think the company I work for is quite good because they’re not that strict Japanese company like everyone has an image of), my company broadcast songs in the building at working hours. I still don’t know who is in charge of it, but usually they have a playlist consists of famous Japanese songs and the playlist will repeat for the nth time everyday until you got bored of the song. But now fortunately seems like they had enough too, that they played some random playlists so the songs are very different, unfamiliar and changed everyday.

But well, since the division I work at always has telephone calls coming through and discussion held on, so the broadcasts can’t be heard from my division’s room. But if you step out from the room, you can hear the sound blazing from the building’s speaker.

One day, I got very stressed, my Japanese still sucks even after months living here, and because of Corona I don’t really have many things to do, but yet I have to pretend I am busy like every other Japanese people here. With a really, really gloomy mood, I went to the toilet for a breather.

The toilet was empty, there’s only me there. I sat on the closet, sighing because I still got two hours before I can go home. Suddenly, I heard a familiar, yet nostalgic song being played from the speaker.

It was Magipri’s Yume no Melody!

At that moment, I felt like the time froze. Like, the playlist is full of hundreds random songs, and this one exact song got played just when I stepped outside for a bit! Like if I went earlier or later, I won’t be able to hear it from the room! I have to admit sadly that I never heard anyone played Magipri songs here so to hear it again after such a long time from the speaker, this.. isn’t this felt like a fate!! Lol. I didn’t even really follow Magipri anymore because I got busy.

Thinking about how funny is this situation, wondering the slightest chance this kinda thing happened… it made me smile and the weight I felt before was all gone. I don’t know why, but suddenly felt relieved.

People may come and go, things may eventually change day by day as we realized it, and life may not be so easy. But I’m glad Magipri still found me this way, and gave me strength again. I may have walked a different way, but we still cross path with each other again! :”)

Really, thank you Magipri for still being there for me..

So I opened this blog and read it again.. Wow! Four years and I still suck at writing, but the love.. It’s weird to say this myself but I always blog with so much love and passion, that now I can still feel it when I re-read it again, despite I forgot I ever wrote all those lol. I was reminded again of how important Magipri and this blog is for me. Not many people read what I wrote here, but this blog definitely help me connect to many people especially Magipri fans I become friends of, and made me who I am now! I suddenly have the urge to write, to tell you guys how grateful I am to know Magipri and you guys who have read my blog..

Haha, sorry if I blabber too much and overdramatized things. But I sincerely feels all what I write here, no lies. So I might not be ready yet to constantly write blog posts, but I am ready to try because I want to write and reconnect again! Look forward to my next posts, okay? I am now preparing some drafts to upload soon! ^^

By the way, I purchased some of Magipri and HiFive’s merchs too! Uwu

(I bought two of the stickers sets, I want to giveaway one of them but maybe a bit later because the post kinda forbid sending things outside Japan? Well anyway, keep update with my blog and twitter for the giveaway!)

And anyway, I’m living my best here in Japan! I hope you guys do well too! How are you? Tell me about you in the comment section! ☺️

Did you ever experience something like this too? Crossing path and rekindle with your old passion? Feel free to tell me!

2 thoughts on “Hello :)

  1. Good to see you back \(^^)/ i feel you,,, i’ve been super busy too lately and haven’t been keeping up with the jpop scene at all lol
    Also 4 years already?? Time really flies,, i hadn’t even realised 😮
    Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youuu!! 🥰🥰
      Four years but I think I disappeared quite a lot through it hehe~
      Yess, it’s really hard when things got busy, huh? I hope you’re doing great too!💪


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