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Update on Nishioka Kengo’s Life after MAG!C☆PRINCE

Yes, I am aware of the article.. and I am sad..

(You can skip this part to avoid emo feelings tho)

I realized this blog’s traffic have been going up these past few days, and many people are tagging me about the article. Being a fan for five years, I was also shocked myself..

For people who don’t know yet, a few days ago Bunshun released an article revealing that Kengo has been sexually assaulted and allegedly raped by Tsuyoshi Osawa, or whom we previously known by the name, “BOSS”, the Director in Watanabe Entertainments and also MAG!C☆PRINCE, Nine Stars, and Hi☆Five!’s Producer. You can read the original article here in Japanese, as it revealed many chat proofs and pics. The case is currently being investigated by the police, and Osawa had been removed from his position in the agency. (The article is adressing him as “A”, as they want it anonymous to protect him, but foreign articles directly write is as Kengo)

I don’t want to say more about it because I don’t really know the details, I am just a mere fan.. who once, even believed in BOSS.. ah, I mean Osawa, because of his cute interactions with the Magipri members in twitter. He also seemed like a good boss because he looks gentle and down to earth, having good relationship with all of his agency’s artists. So to know that he’s actually a pervert old man…. I’m really sorry. If you read my old posts bragging and praise Osawa that make it seem like I sided with him to you, please forgive my adolescence as I didn’t know myself too. I hope he gets punished for what he deserved.

And Kengo.. I’m sorry if I seem to accuse him leaving Magipri just for his own gain before. You did a good job, leaving behind toxic environment, came forward and revealing his bad deeds to the people so these things will not happen again. I know it must’ve been hard, and you need a big courage to do that, as a victim , moreover, as a boy and an idol, you had image to protect. Yet you overcame such a bad experience and trauma.. You are a brave person and I am so proud of you.

It’s quite sad too that this news didn’t make it big, people aren’t really talking about it, and Japanese TV doesn’t really mention it (for the record I work in PR where we plays the TV fullday as part of our work, and my seat is beside the TV, so I watch it every time.. but all they talking about these three days is only the reopening of Disney Land). Even though they would broadcasts about artist’s marriage.. seems like sexual harassment case is not interesting and important enough for them? I also remember back then I read articles about Johnny’s director being accused for the same case but nothing happened and hardly people know about that? (cmiiw)

I know many random people are searching about Kengo now because of this case, but I hope you guys will not throw theories and ask about it to us Magipri fans. Because it hurts us the most too. Me and many Magipri fans, we decided to focus more on supporting Kengo instead so he could get a better life from now on! Rather, I think that’s the least I can do as a fans! Isn’t it better to focus on Kengo’s talent rather than just labeling him as a rape victim? So, I hope you guys can do it too! 😇

I wanna promote Kengo so I will go back to my cheery writing style below!

After Graduating from MAG!C☆PRINCE…

Nishioka Kengo graduates from the idol group as of 20 December 2019. Ultimately, he decided to not renew his contract and left the agency in March. At 1 April 2020, he started his idol life anew as Super Freelancer Idol “Gonchi” (ごんち), meaning he doesn’t belong to any agency and just do everything himself! He admit that even though it’s hard preparing all by himself, but he’s happy that he can anything he wants, like makeup, hairstyle, he’s free to do anything now!

On April 1, Kengo, or Gonchi releases his SNS account to the public so don’t forget to follow him there, okay!?

Twitter: @kengo_gonchi

Instagram : @kengo_gonchi

Kengo is really active in his SNS, uploading pictures and interacting with fans and his friends! He also still replying and QRTing Magipri’s tweets! (though only Shuhei’s tweets lol huhu my 1022 feels). And as an Idol Otaku, he also fanboys and supports other idol group’s activity too through it! (i.e Hello Project and Boys and Men). So let’s all follow, like and reply~!

Kengo also set up his own Online Shop where he sells all of his uniquely self-designed merchandise! (fyi, Kengo specialized in design back at highschool 😉) Btw, he even make the online shop himself, as back then he even posts that he bought ‘how to build your websites’ book from Amazon, and started learning about it from the scratch all by himself~! He really spent a lot of hard work for this, so let’s check it out!

Not only picture cards, he also sells various merchs there, like standing acrylics, bags, t-shirts, socks, mirrors, and even a ticket to follow his secret account where he post exclusive contents and do live there! He also updated with new merchs every month and they’re all so cute! But since it’s limited, you have to be quick or it will be sold out~!

Online Shop:

By the way, since it’s not like any big websites we know (i.e Amazon or CDJapan), I think it could be a bit hard purchasing it from overseas if you live outside of Japan, so I suggest using a proxy service! It’s easier since you only have to give the list and link, and pay, and then wait for it to arrive!

In fact, I have recommended a service to a friend in US who wanted to buy Kengo merch, and he gives positive feedback about it! Despite Corona, it could arrived quickly too since he can choose express shipping which only takes 3-4 days which wasn’t much more expensive! There are many proxy services available if you look around, but if you want a recommendation too, you can contact me~ 😉

And pssst.. my friend also uploaded this pic in their instagram and the post got liked by Kengo!! So if you want to be noticed by Kengo too, and showing him support, let’s buy buy~!

Update: Kengo is also casted to act in the MV for the newest single of THIS VERY DAY, an up and coming band!

Btw, I think Kengo currently also work part-time now to support his freelance life, since he openly talk about that, though he never mentions where he work. But if you someday meet him, please treat him reeeally kindly okay~!❤️

Kengo is really cute and talented, so I want more people to know and support him for it! Cutie, cutie Kengo~ Oh, you’re a boy and feels weird that your heart goes ba-dump upon seeing him? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, some of Kengo and Magipri fans I know are boys, too, so don’t be ashamed~ as long as you don’t do anything bad!

Also, from now on if I write about Kengo, I will use Kengo (Gonchi) tags to make is easier to differentiate his pre and post graduation from Magipri!

I wish Kengo a good and happy life!

3 thoughts on “Update on Nishioka Kengo’s Life after MAG!C☆PRINCE

  1. I wondered why my posts about Kengo were suddenly getting a huge amount of views. I’m angry and saddened to find out that this was the reason and I hate that the media aren’t really talking about. I also remember the situation with Johnny’s and I believe a similar thing happened with G=AGE as well but just no-one talks about it. I really think that needs to change.

    On a positive note I am so, so proud of Kengo though! He’s working so hard at being a freelance idol even after experiencing something traumatic. I didn’t know he was doing everything himself including designing his merchandise and even making his own website! I’ve also noticed him interacting with Yamazaki Haruki (former M!LK member) online a lot which I think is really sweet because they’re both two of my all-time favourite idols and I feel like they would have a lot in common.

    Thanks as always for your informative post ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah so the Johny’s one wasn’t only my imagination then lol, bcos no one ever talked about it. Idk why tho, is it common in Japan maybe? Though I didn’t know about G=AGE, but I’m sad to hear that because that means this thing could happened often to male idols.
      Yes, I’m also proud of him! He worked hard for it so I made this post to tell people about his talent and effort! Yeahh, I don’t know how they became friends but the two are both cute~
      Thank you for commenting too as always! 🥰🥰


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