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[Download] Majidora ~ Spin the Sky English Subbed

Classic but still Gold~

Update of my life that no one wants to hear: Hey guys! Life has been quite busy, especially work and my driving school since I failed my karimenkyo (temporary license) test twice.. but I finally passed in in the third try~! (For foreigner in Japan trying to get license, I really really recommend taking test in english!! I tried the japanese test once and flopped my score haha). But now since I finally passed and can be relieved.. I’m finally able to update this blog for a bit!

So around one-two months ago I noticed that my Majidora videos in Youtube has been reported and I got notifications of copyright claim by UMG. And it lead to all my Majidora videos got blocked there. I don’t know why only those videos, though, as my Bakupuri videos are still safe and sound, altogether with my other concert videos.

Well, since it was blocked, I will never upload it on Youtube again (but I plan to upload another videos on YT! It’s just that I don’t have enough time to do anything!?). But since you guys also can’t see it anymore if you didn’t save it before, I decide to jut post the download link here!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the video content (of course, if not I won’t get reported lol), I just bought the DVD and translate it into english, so I only own the english translation! It’s all purely to promote Magipri and help fans who can’t buy the DVD or don’t understand Japanese.

You are free to use the videos as long as it’s not for monetization purpose. You can use use the translation and re-translate it into another language as long as you credit me for the original translation! (If you want the .ass file I also provide it in the different link below)

DON’T RE-UPLOAD ON YOUTUBE! ( But feel free to other web coz I won’t check too anyway) Or if you want to upload you should only make a clip or AMV, idk if it won’t get reported too, though.

Other than that, I think it’s a-okay?

I only subbed until episode 6 up til now, but I will update if I translate another episode in the future.


Download English Subbed Videos

Download English Subtitle only (.ass file)

For the raw file if you need it, you can download it on my other post here

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