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Avengers Idols Unit Assembled!? 14STARS!

Wow! Who are these handsome boys in one frame? Are they a new group?? . Ding! Actually, you’re both wrong and right! 😊 If you followed this blog, you may already realized some familiar faces up there, right? Or if you didn’t realize it, let me explain to you! They are 14STARS! 14STARS  is a… Continue reading Avengers Idols Unit Assembled!? 14STARS!

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100th Post! My Ultimate Bias, Yanagi Kotaro

Woohoo finally my 100th post! Did I really write that lot here? Anyway, still amazed that I can write 100 post! (And maybe more in the future!) Actually you may realized it already that I’m getting lazier these days hehe but I hope I can start writing more often again! I have many drafts saved… Continue reading 100th Post! My Ultimate Bias, Yanagi Kotaro