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[Download] Nine Stars – FLASH CD+DVD

Finally I have time to upload them! Their 2nd single Kiss me Fire has been released already and I just posted this now.. Kinda late hahah but if you like this CD please consider buying this CD or Kiss Me Fire CD since I won’t upload Kiss me Fire until some months has passed 😉… Continue reading [Download] Nine Stars – FLASH CD+DVD

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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Drama ~ Spin the Sky ~ (MajiDora)

Can also be read MajiDora/HonkiDora. The first drama Magipri members starred in. Aired in April 2016. Magipri members are playing as themselves, as 2nd graders of Watanabe High School. (In case you haven’t know any of them, please read this first) There’s also guest appearance of Asuka Kuramochi, an ex-AKB48 member, who plays the role of their… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Drama ~ Spin the Sky ~ (MajiDora)

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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE 本気☆LIVE Vol.5 on NND

  Did any of you watch the broadcast on Nico Nico Douga back then? ^^ Since NND also set a time limit for broadcast videos that we’re timeshifting, I recorded it so you guys who were late can watch it too~ Or maybe you can’t get enough of the broadcast and want to watch it… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE 本気☆LIVE Vol.5 on NND

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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Yume no Melody CD+DVD

  Have you been waiting long for this? 🙂 Since Magipri is now going to release their newest single, I think it’s finally time to share this lol it feels like a long time since I last shared things here Next I’m gonna share the NicoNico Live broadcast! But the recorded file is so big… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Yume no Melody CD+DVD

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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Bakumatsu Prince DVD

Since today is my birthday, and this blog almost already hits 1000 views.. I will post a special upload link ^^ Gosh, I can’t believe this blog got that many views.. I’m so happy that many people are interested in MAG!C☆PRINCE.. I want magipri to get noticed more and more though, especially in international fandom.. so… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Bakumatsu Prince DVD

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  It’s been a while since this was released and since they’re announcing another new single, I’ll upload this now! This is CD+DVD version.. yeah, I’ve been thinking about whether to buy Shuhei version as usual or this DVD ver.. especially this time the CD’s cover so good hshshs and I kinda missed his special… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE UPDATE CD+DVD

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Have you been watching the lives MAG!C☆PRINCE were doing in their LINE Channel? So I noticed that apparently the LINE live videos only have 3 months lifespan and will disappear after that (though there’s also video that doesn’t have lifespan so it’s always there.. I don’t really understand the mechanism..) and I think that’s too… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE HONKI☆LINE

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Honki☆Puri (本気プリ) Download

  So I’ve been noticing that some of the Honkipuri videos in 9tsu that I previously shared the link with you in another post, have disappeared. Fortunately I saved them so I will put the videos for download here for backup purpose.. These videos are not mine, and these are all I found since last… Continue reading Honki☆Puri (本気プリ) Download

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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE 111 ALBUM

111 or read as Triple One, is Magipri’s first album that released in 11 January 2017. Not like the usual, rather than Shuhei Version CD, this time I bought the CD+DVD one! Truthfully I was really confused which to buy but I was tempted with the special video so I got this.. anyway, it seems… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE 111 ALBUM

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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Over the Rainbow CD

  The CD I uploaded is Abe Shuhei version. The only difference it has from the normal version is that it has a bonus track where Shuhei is answering 40 questions from all the other members. It contains 2 songs, Over the Rainbow and Ittsu Love, also each of their instrumental versions. PLEASE, DO NOT REUPLOAD… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Over the Rainbow CD