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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE 本気☆LIVE Vol.5 on NND

  Did any of you watch the broadcast on Nico Nico Douga back then? ^^ Since NND also set a time limit for broadcast videos that we’re timeshifting, I recorded it so you guys who were late can watch it too~ Or maybe you can’t get enough of the broadcast and want to watch it… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE 本気☆LIVE Vol.5 on NND

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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Yume no Melody CD+DVD

  Have you been waiting long for this? 🙂 Since Magipri is now going to release their newest single, I think it’s finally time to share this lol it feels like a long time since I last shared things here Next I’m gonna share the NicoNico Live broadcast! But the recorded file is so big… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Yume no Melody CD+DVD

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Best My Friend PV (Short Ver) is Up!

Soooo just as promised, today at exactly 18:00 JPT they uploaded the short version PV fof Magipri’s 6th single, Best My Friend! Here it is! . Aaaaaaaaaaaaa just as expected, it’s so good!! (●♡∀♡) If you had read my post before, you must’ve known that the newest single is composed by SPYAIR, that famous J-Rock Band.  So… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Best My Friend PV (Short Ver) is Up!

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本気☆LIVE Vol.5 Broadcast on NND!

As you know, MAG!C☆PRINCE just held their 5th Concert (MajiLive) as well as their second anniversary concert last week at 23 December 2017. For those who couldn’t attend the concert, And for people like us international fans who didn’t live in Japan They decided to broadcast the concert on Nico Nico Douga! The broadcast will be… Continue reading 本気☆LIVE Vol.5 Broadcast on NND!

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Second Anniversary

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~!! I was also in my christmas holiday so I finally got time to write something.. though, sorry if this post is just some rambling about my reflection (and a bit update). This 24 December 2017 Magipri held their 5th concert and this also marked their 2nd year anniversary since… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Second Anniversary

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MAG!C☆PRINCE 4th 本気☆LIVE at Zepp Tokyo DVD Review

My DVD finally arrived! It actually arrived a week ago, though.. but I was busy and finally I could watch it after some days.. and now I finally have time to review it! The Live itself was held back then at July 2017 and the DVD was out at 11 November 2017! I actually wrote… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE 4th 本気☆LIVE at Zepp Tokyo DVD Review

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MAG!C☆PRINCE 6th Single Coming Up

My DVD hasn’t even come yet and now they’re announcing this.. And looks like they’re becoming more and more ambitious! It is announced that Magipri’s 6th single will come out next year at Valentine! 14 February 2018, mark your calendar okay~ (And well don’t forget there’s also Nine Stars’ first single in January.. thanks for… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE 6th Single Coming Up