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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Bakumatsu Prince DVD

Since today is my birthday, and this blog almost already hits 1000 views.. I will post a special upload link ^^ Gosh, I can’t believe this blog got that many views.. I’m so happy that many people are interested in MAG!C☆PRINCE.. I want magipri to get noticed more and more though, especially in international fandom.. so… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE Bakumatsu Prince DVD

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  It’s been a while since this was released and since they’re announcing another new single, I’ll upload this now! This is CD+DVD version.. yeah, I’ve been thinking about whether to buy Shuhei version as usual or this DVD ver.. especially this time the CD’s cover so good hshshs and I kinda missed his special… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE UPDATE CD+DVD

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Have you been watching the lives MAG!C☆PRINCE were doing in their LINE Channel? So I noticed that apparently the LINE live videos only have 3 months lifespan and will disappear after that (though there’s also video that doesn’t have lifespan so it’s always there.. I don’t really understand the mechanism..) and I think that’s too… Continue reading [Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE HONKI☆LINE

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Honki☆Puri (本気プリ) Download

  So I’ve been noticing that some of the Honkipuri videos in 9tsu that I previously shared the link with you in another post, have disappeared. Fortunately I saved them so I will put the videos for download here for backup purpose.. These videos are not mine, and these are all I found since last… Continue reading Honki☆Puri (本気プリ) Download

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MAG!C☆PRINCE RUSH~ Kitto, Itsuka Review

  Hmm.. I’m a bit lazy to do my translation right now so.. I guess I might as well review this to distract myself. RUSH ~ Kitto, itsuka is a short movie collaboration with Kitkat, released in two part at 9 and 10 January 2017. Actually not only movie, they also collaborated in making a… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE RUSH~ Kitto, Itsuka Review

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Bakumatsu Prince Review

Bakumatsu Prince (幕末☆PRINCE) or usually called Bakupuri Bakupuri is a drama where all Magipri members acted as shinsengumi members. Kengo as Okita Souji, Taishin as Isami Kondo, Shuhei as Saito Hajime, Kaoru as Hijikata Toushiro, and Hikaru as Yamanami Keisuke.  The five shinsengumi members time-traveled 150 years to the future and then learn to live… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Bakumatsu Prince Review

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Spin the Sky Lyrics Translation

Spin the Sky is MAG!C☆PRINCE’s second CD featured song. This song also becomes the opening song of their first drama with the same title. You can watch the PV here You can get the song here ~Please do not use my translation without permission~ . . . Japanese Lyrics 何が一体心配なのか 分からない事が心配で 何を一体焦ってるのか 分かるたびに焦って だけど忘れない愛 眠れず冴えるEye クエスチョンマークで終わったまま… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Spin the Sky Lyrics Translation