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Idol Recommendation: SUPER FANTASY

Wow, it’s been soooo long since I recommend another group again! (not counting the previous WannaOne post)  Actually I wanted to write this post since months ago, but.. I went MIA and finally can finish this blog post now! I hope you enjoy reading this~ FYI for this Idol Recommendation segment, I will only write… Continue reading Idol Recommendation: SUPER FANTASY

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100th Post! My Ultimate Bias, Yanagi Kotaro

Woohoo finally my 100th post! Did I really write that lot here? Anyway, still amazed that I can write 100 post! (And maybe more in the future!) Actually you may realized it already that I’m getting lazier these days hehe but I hope I can start writing more often again! I have many drafts saved… Continue reading 100th Post! My Ultimate Bias, Yanagi Kotaro

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Idol Recommendation: Color Creation

Another Idol Group Recommendations today! If you’re a sucker for good voice, then you’ll most likely fall for this group! . This time, it’s COLOR CREATION! (or usually shortened to KaraKuri) The group was formed last year, and the member was chosen from Saito Genki Audition. The audition was held at September-October of 2016 tho.… Continue reading Idol Recommendation: Color Creation

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Facebook Fanpage

No, no, it’s not official, nor do I own it! lol So just, recently I found out that there are some international fans like me who work toward the same goal! To spread Magipri love around us~ Someone made a facebook fanpage for Magipri! ^^ The fanpage name is MAG!C☆PRINCE Thailand Cheerz or click here… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Facebook Fanpage

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Idol Recommendation: MADKID

Finally no overtime today! So I can have some time to blog.. Today also, I’ll introduce you to a very recommended J-POP group that I like! Today it’s MADKID!! *clap hands* Soo.. I actually was blogwalking and stumbled upon Karu-chan ‘s blog and discovered them recently! At first I was like, nayyy, since tbh I… Continue reading Idol Recommendation: MADKID

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Idol Recommendation: CUBERS

Soo.. another recommendation today.. Are you ready? It’s CUBERS! Actually I thought I heard the name a lot, but never got to really knew about the group.. But accidentally I came across tanoshimitiger’s post and after I read it I became curious about them! And then I found out that hey, they’re actually good!? Though, I… Continue reading Idol Recommendation: CUBERS

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Idol Recommendation: XOX (Kiss Hug Kiss)

Since all I write about in this blog is MAG!C☆PRINCE, you must be thinking that they’re the only idol group I care about. Nope, I actually know and follow many other idol groups too, but I never really get attached much or they don’t really need  my support since the fandom is already big.. not like MAG!C☆PRINCE. But… Continue reading Idol Recommendation: XOX (Kiss Hug Kiss)