Japanese Idol Recommendations


Aside from Magipri, I also followed many other Japanese Idol Groups!

Here are some of them whom I really recommended for you! Who knows, maybe we have the same taste? ^^

I wrote a detailed review for each of them! Check them out okay~

FYI for this segment, I will only write groups that I really really like. Not like any other Jpop blogs who usually stans and write about so many idol groups at one time, I’m very picky about it.. haha so if I write about a group, they’re personally handpicked by me according to my taste! uwu

You can also recommend me your favorite idol group! I will check them and if i like it, maybe I’ll stan and write too!

I have a preferred type of idol, but I respect every idols and try to see their brightest light when I review them

(Will be updated everytime I write a new recommendation)


XOX (Kiss Hug Kiss)

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