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MAG!C☆PRINCE 4th 本気☆LIVE at Zepp Tokyo DVD Review

My DVD finally arrived! It actually arrived a week ago, though.. but I was busy and finally I could watch it after some days.. and now I finally have time to review it! The Live itself was held back then at July 2017 and the DVD was out at 11 November 2017! I actually wrote… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE 4th 本気☆LIVE at Zepp Tokyo DVD Review

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Idol Recommendation: XOX (Kiss Hug Kiss)

Since all I write about in this blog is MAG!C☆PRINCE, you must be thinking that they’re the only idol group I care about. Nope, I actually know and follow many other idol groups too, but I never really get attached much or they don’t really need  my support since the fandom is already big.. not like MAG!C☆PRINCE. But… Continue reading Idol Recommendation: XOX (Kiss Hug Kiss)

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MAG!C☆PRINCE 6th Single Coming Up

My DVD hasn’t even come yet and now they’re announcing this.. And looks like they’re becoming more and more ambitious! It is announced that Magipri’s 6th single will come out next year at Valentine! 14 February 2018, mark your calendar okay~ (And well don’t forget there’s also Nine Stars’ first single in January.. thanks for… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE 6th Single Coming Up

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Maji☆Deshi (マジ☆弟子) Season 2 Start!

I forgot to post this since I was busy with my office trip but.. This October, Magipri’s show Maji☆deshi (マジ☆弟子) start airing their 2nd season! If you don’t know what it is, here is my synopsis for the 1st season of majideshi before: The show is broadcasted in all region of Japan in different days,… Continue reading Maji☆Deshi (マジ☆弟子) Season 2 Start!

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Another MAG!C☆PRINCE Things

  Don’t have anything to do while waiting for the Yume no Melody single release? Don’t worry, Kill your time with these few Magipri tidbids!   Nagata Kaoru’s OH!My Trip ( 永田薫のOH!MY旅 )   If you don’t know, OH!MY Trip (Original name in Japanese is OH!MY Tabi) is a weekly TV show in CBC TV… Continue reading Another MAG!C☆PRINCE Things