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MAG!C☆PRINCEがマジでチャレンジ! Maji Challenge!

A light, refreshing post for you guys since I barely have time to catch up and sum up all the news when I’m gone~ lolz (´꒳`∗) This is actually and old thing since it happened months ago, but surprisingly I don’t have time to write it until now If you are a keen reader of… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCEがマジでチャレンジ! Maji Challenge!

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Honki☆Puri (本気プリ) Download

  So I’ve been noticing that some of the Honkipuri videos in 9tsu that I previously shared the link with you in another post, have disappeared. Fortunately I saved them so I will put the videos for download here for backup purpose.. These videos are not mine, and these are all I found since last… Continue reading Honki☆Puri (本気プリ) Download