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Ittsu Love English Subtitle!

I’m back TT_TT

You may already get bored with my excuses, but these weeks I was facing a work deadline and work overtime for days, no time catch up with anything.. orz

I finally finished my deadline yesterday though! That’s why I can update today and got more time after this! Though, I suddenly get sick.. but I still want to be productive after being mia for two.. weeks? so I pushed myself to finished one of my planned projects and now this first! An english sub for Ittsu Love!

For Majidora, please wait patiently because subbing a drama needs more time for me, since I have to listen carefully to each dialog and no text lol, though sometimes it’s also easier because they uses easy everyday words. And the timing for subbing is harder too, haha since more words to insert.. Anyway, not only Majidora, more subs await but please understand that I need time and energy.. TT_TT

I don’t even have much energy left to write posts in this blog.. I just write this to inform you guys about my new sub.. I think it’s been so long since I write a real blog post..

And since I got sick, all of the future posts and requested posts may get delayed after I get well. Sorry!

Anyway about Ittsu Love, I don’t really prefer Magipri’s love songs but this song’s performance is really cute and really slayed it!

I chose this because I heard the news that Magipri is going to release their 2nd album, ‘Bel!ever’ this 5th December 2018! And after that a third anniversary concert?? Wow! I got so hyped up and, since this video concert I subbed is from their first album, ‘111’ , I decided to throw this for nostalgic purposes heheh 😉

I wonder if they’ll include another concert videos for the next album.. I just know that they’ll include the unit songs there too, though (what?? no separate CDs? and here iIwas ready to buy both units and hoping for their MV and imagining a competition for their CD sales)

p.s I’ll post the full Japanese lyrics, romaji and translation in this blog later! I also just remembered that I forgot to do it for Dreamland too hhhh I got lazy making the romaji hahah

It’s not much but enjoy! 🙂

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