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MAG!C☆PRINCE UtaTen Interview Translation


Translated from here

I’m not really fluent in Japanese so forgive me if I made any mistake somewhere ^^

Born from the large audition of next generation ikemen boys from the prefectures of Aichi, Gifu and Mie was “MAG!C☆PRINCE”.

Starting from the ultra-talented prince of rhythmic gymnastics world is leader Hirano Taishin, with his overall victory in high school, and also becoming this year’s All-Japan Championship top finalist; Nagata Kaoru, who played and was active in the high school national soccer championship as a handsome striker from Gifu; Nishioka Kengo with many talents like design and photography; Oshiro Hikaru, who always does rap right from his soul; and Abe Shuhei who is skilled with karate, soccer and sports;these five members formed MAG!C☆PRINCE. Even before debuting, they have catches many attention from regular presenters and reporter in television programs!

Since the major debut is decided, they have responded to UtaTen’s Interview! Please enjoy our interview of these 5 boys with overflowing idol charm and talent!

Q: Please tell us your feelings when the major debut was decided!

N (Kengo) :  it happened in a blink of eye!

T (Taishin) : Right, somehow, I was feeling like, Monday came really fast

S (Shuhei) : The summer vacation also ended before we knew it

T : Since we keep trying many new things, it was fresh

Q: What are you struggling with right now?

K (Kaoru) : The most difficult thing is dancing. Since my body is stiff the stretching was hell (laugh)

Q: Hoo.. then after the continuous stretching has your body become softer?

K : It has!

T : You’re lying!

K : It’s true! Why did you say it’s a lie!

H (Hikaru) : Leader’s body is extremely soft

Q :Is there a situation where someone did something badly?

S :I distracted everyone a lot so I think I was very troublesome

All : (laugh)

Q : Do you feel like you had no summer vacation?

N : That’s right, it’s hard to adjust jobs with school

H : Me and Kaoru are only doing MAGIC PRINCE, but Kaoru was still busy with his club until summer

Q : I see, then everyone, please tell us why you decided to took the audition back then!

T : For me, I had some television interview while I was doing rhytmic gymnastic in highschool, from that time I started yearning for entertainment industry. Last year I knew about the audition, my acquintance also push me for it, then I decided to take the audition

K : I like singing from the start, and once dreamt about being an artist, but I was doing soccer in high school so I thought it won’t come true. But then when I retired from the club I happened to know about the audition, since I thought it was a chance, I finally took it.

N : I myself really like idols, I always go to concerts or handshake events to get a cheerful smile and when I realized it, I had applied! (laugh)

S : My parents have always been interested in entertainment world, their obsession somehow also influences me, and after I knew from the today’s news section in newspaper, I applied.

H : I had a dream to become a hero ever since I was a child, from thereafter I’ve became interested of various jobs in entertainment industry, like singer and model. I want to become a talent with many genre, who can do acting, singing, and dancing, and I thought it was all here, so without hesitation I applied

Q : What was your impression when you saw the face of other members for the first time?

T : Something like, ‘can we become friends’.. is what I thought (laugh). We’re a year apart, but Kaoru was a little scary.

H : Kaoru was scary (laugh). Kengo too, I had never seen this type of person before, so I didn’t know what to do, and I thought Shuhei was cool, the first image of everyone is so different huh.

T : It is! We really can’t judge people by how they look!

Q: How do you assign the member’s color?

N : The upper people decided it! (laugh). I thought red was good for me, but somehow I became pink.

All : (laugh)

T : Pink suits you! It can only be pink!

N : Yeah, now I can’t imagine other people being pink.

Q : What character does each of the members has?

K : A cool character, of course

T : You said that, but sometimes you’re too playful, you’re a bit goofy

H : I think it’s okay occasionally being playful to show the character gap

Q : Everyone is a boke-character right, is there any tsukkomi-character?

H : I do the tsukkomi role though

N : The oldest two (Taishin and Hikaru) is

T : We’re really defeated by these 3 people with boke character huh (laugh)

Q : You guys have good reflexes, but hobbies like cooking or calligraphy is also one aspect. Did you make something recently?

T : Kaoru, didn’t you recently write something?

K : I was good with writing, but ever since I live by myself I no longer made anything at all

T : But Hikaru cooked Omelet Rice though!

H : When I stayed at Kaoru‘s house we made it together

K : I properly wrote the words MAG!C☆PRINCE with ketchup like a girl (laugh)

H : It was embarrassing to see that for almost three days. So shocking.

Q : Then still about calligraphy, please describe this one year with one kanji character!

T : For me maybe it’s “Encounter”,of course with the members, but the fans too, I met a lot of people in one year!

N : “Sudden”! It was busy, I rode various trains. I have been going back and forth on the train between Hamatatsu in Shizuoka and Nagoya. It was really busy.

Q : Is there something popular within the members right now?

All : Hmmm..

H : It’s not all of us though, but I’ve been addicted to play games app, and even when he was talking to someone, no matter where he is, he (Nishioka) would always stares at me with cold eyes.. (laugh)

N : Don’t play game too much! (laugh)

T : Ah! We began to eat more bread!

K : That’s it, that’s it!

T : Hikaru really like bread, so he could talk about it for 3 hours long straight..

S : Our house are in the same direction, so we go home together, and he would always stops at a nearby bakery

T : So now we often eat bread because of his influences

S : We became excited when we see bread

Q : Then please tell us your favorite bread (laugh)

K : White bread!

T : I like croissant. Kengo?

N : Melon bread!

H : That’s nice, the taste that won’t betray you~

S : Me, that cheese-something

H : That’s Cheese Crescent right? The one shaped like a crescent moon. I like baguette. One kind of France bread.

Q : That’s different from France bread right!

H : It’s a big mistake if you lump it together with France bread, there are many variation like parissian and butter–

S : Enough, enough (laugh)

Q : Let’s get back to the interview! Please give us recommendation about your local favorite spot!       

H : If it’s Mie, then Nagashima! We were first introduced there in Nagashima SpaLand at the Tokai Summit Event, it was really memorable, and also a good place to play

K : Gifu has Shirakawa-go. Then Gero Onsen! And  Hida beef!

S : In Aichi it’s the best when you go around Okazaki Castle in spring, the sakura is so pretty there!

N : After that, in Aichi there’s also.. Laguna Ten Bosch! There’s a giant slide there, and the sea is so close, a really amazing amusement park!

Q : Next, please tell us your most favorite phrase from your favorite song!

N : I like all the lyrics from Sexy Zone’s “Otoko Never Give up”, since I’m still young I should try many things, so when I heard the news at the Tokyo concert last summer, I thought that ‘I can only do this now!’ and finally applied for the audition

T : I like Back Number’s “Christmas Song”, the “The playful couples, wearing a red nose reindeer just too soon, they surely can do it in public. Well, it’s not that I’m jealous” part. It also fits with the drama.

K : I also like Back Number, the “If I become a Super Star I’ll come to you for sure” part from “Superstar ni nattara”. In my middle school graduation album, my best friend who aims to be a pro baseball player wrote the message “I can also become a superstar!”, it really impressed me, and I’ve come to like the song.

H : I like AAA’s “STORY”, the rap part where Hidaka-san sang “what kind of you will I see tomorrow, that it will be the reason for my smile”, since it was rap, and the words are deep, and when I heard it I was thinking that “how I meet everyone like this is also a fate”

S : I like Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”lyrics from the start till the end

All : Ohhh??

Q : Do you understand the meaning of the lyrics ? (since it’s in english)

S : The meaning, yes. It’s my life (boku no jinsei), like that

H : That’s only the meaning of “It’s my life” part right! (laugh)

All : (laugh)

Q : Let’s see if you have another song (laugh)

S : AI’s song,“VOICE”

All : See, you have one after all!

S : The song’s part “if there was love”has various kind of deep meaning, I think

Q : Thank you very much! Then next, please tell us your favorite phrase from Zettai Aishiteru and Arigatou Kimi e!

T : For me it’s from “Arigatou Kimi e” the “It’s fine even if I’m being reckless, I will never give up”. When we sing it, the shivers came to me. It somehow represent ourselves right now. I like the feeling of how the overflowing emotions  keep us to continue what we’re doing.

H : I also like “Arigatou Kimi e”, the 2nd reff part “It’s fine even if I’m not imitating someone else”. I think it would be cool to try imitating someone else, but I want to go with my own self.

K : I like “Definitely definitely towards the dream definitely definitely we will bring you along” from “Zettai Aishiteru”

S : Me too. Somehow it’s not just dream but towards the dream!

N : Well.. for me it’s “That’s right, we shouldn’t waste even one second” from “Zettai Aishiteru”. Because we’re so busy (laugh). So if there was one more second, we can do many things. It links to how we manage job and studies, there really is no time~!(laugh)

Q : Okay then, do you have any news for us?

N : Please follow our twitter! @magipri5

T : You can find announcement there, like about our offshot

N : We members are also playing the 755 app!

Q : Then, please say something to the reader of Utaten!

N : Please enjoy reading our various lyrics!

Q : Ah, please do a promotion! (laugh)

N : Please read the lyrics, and listen to MAGIC PRINCE’s song

T : Remember it!

N : And then please come to our live!

H : The melody is catchy, and the lyrics are full of meanings

T : Finally, it’ll be more fun if you come to see our live!


  • Boke-Tsukkomi is a basic role in Japanese comedic play, boke is the one doing something stupid and tsukkomi is the one who scold the boke about it and that’s how they deliver the joke.
  • As of January 2017, Magipri has graduated using 755 app and now only doing twitter and blog

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