I’m Alive


In case you’re wondering, I’m still alive and didn’t abandon this blog yet! ^^

Sorry for the hiatus for these past weeks! I was busy with something really, really important, and couldn’t even hang out at weekend, let alone writing a blog post!

Ah! But if you’re in Magipri Amino you might see me still doing quick updates there

So now that things has finally calmed down… I’m back!!

I want to write a proper post but still thinking about what to write first lol so I will just write this for now

Magipri still got nothing big to write about again anyway.. (I’m waiting for Summer Love and Brothers Units MV tho)

Do you prefer lyrics translations or CD download links?

Ah, now that you mention  it, I haven’t shared anything lately, so I guess I’ll give something to you next week~

I promised to do some translations too so I’ll try to find time and power to translate things! I don’t feel so good lately..

And I also wanna write about Idol and Drama Recommendations! >_< I had wrote some drafts but need times to dig for more info.. Do you guys also enjoy that kinds of writing from me?

I also want to try new things like subtitling but I haven’t learn about it so need time to study! I think I wanna try youtube for a bit too..

Oh right! I bought many discounted Butai (Stageplay) DVDs from my favorite acting troupe, D-Boys! Any of you guys interested? Should I write a review and share a link later? 😉 (or maybe a full post about D-boys but it will be too long and I’m lazy lol)

Anyway I’ll still try to fill this blog with many things! I saw many of my favorite blogs got on hiatus without news at all, so I got sad (I was a keen reader of them you know), well so I think I’m kinda alone now in Jpop blogs? I’m not that good in writing or catching up with news, but I’ll try to work hard so I hope some people can enjoy this blog! (and Magipri, generally)

If you have any idea about what should I write, don’t hesitate to tell me through the comment or contact box okay? I always feel happy when someone try to connect with me~

I’ll post more soon!




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