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List of MAG!C☆PRINCE x Imoto no Wifi CM


Hi guys! This happened a while ago when I was on vacation but,

Have you seen Magipri’s latest advertisement video for Imotonowifi?


They recently released  their newest CM for the 2018 summer! This time it’s in Thailand (which is the same place as their MV shooting for Summer Love). I really like the scene where Taishin feed Kengo and the three at the back cracks me up lmao


If you follow Magipri, you must’ve found that Magipri is always promoting Imoto no Wifi.

Yeah, Magipri is one of the ambassador for Imoto no Wifi!

(Fyi Nine Stars also become one too after they debuted, check their summer CM here which is also really nice and fun!)

In fact, until now there are so many of Magipri x Imoto no wifi CM, which is usually shot in abroad! And you know those very very bigsize magipri ads at stations they often took photo of? Or the majitabi segment in honkipri? And when Magipri members went to Majitabi, usually in their twitter imoto no wifi will hold a giveaway of the member’s signed item from their journey, and post many pics of the members in their web! Imoto no wifi is really royal at its promotion and its also at the same time promote magipri! ^^

Imoto no Wifi is a pocket wifi service provided by XCOM Global when you went abroad from Japan. If you go outside your country, of course you can’t use the same communication provider as it was in your country right? And if you’re only abroad for a few days, it would be a waste to buy a new sim card isn’t it? In my case, the provider in my country offers many kinds of package for abroad but it is very expensive.. so this comes for imoto no wifi! The price is 400 yen per day and could be used for many people at once. And they have their shops at Japanese airports too so we can just grab them before we board on the plane.

I think we already know many of this kinds of service, but usually we use the service from our destination (for example, if I want to go to Europe, I’ll use a wifi pocket service from Europe company and pick it up in Europe airports), while imoto no wifi can be booked from Japan.

I don’t really know much about this kind of info and service tho since I never really use one, so if you think I made a mistake please do correct me ^^

Anyway, here is the list of every imoto no wifi CM with Magipri!

Which is your favorite?

The first Imoto no Wifi and Magipri CM colab ever. Look at those Magipri kids who are still… lmao, they’re still unpolished and young. Really different from their idol persona now huh? How nostalgic.. Even magipri members still look really awkward with camera and acting and all haha


I think this CM is the start of every aesthetic Imoto no Wifi CM after this.. The light is too vibrant but the scene is really good! And they really changed a lot comparing to the first CM lol maybe because the long period after the first CM to this. At this time they still shoot in the airport rather than another country.


The concept is back to the first CM video.. very simple and neat Actually it’s kinda weird for them wearing those prince-y outfit in an airport lol but I really like RUSH that is used as the BGM for the CM


This one is my favorite of all! It’s so aesthetic and the scene was taken so beautifully! Especially the part when Kengo just standing there with his white robe and translucent skin like a Hongkong ghost or  something! The Update song also really fits the video well!


This one is shot at Taiwan. The twitter concept is cute! And I like how they emphasize the red lampion and fly them (tho, why at a railway? hmm). And their yeayyyy voice kinda seeped into my brain at that time lol


The concept is basically the same with the previous CM just a different place.. Now the video is taken in Singapore. But they did well on emphasizing the famous places in Singapore! (And different from before, their suit costume looks perfect in the city background~)


Oh by the way! Long long ago I once reviewed their funny CM with that enka song and imoto ayaka as a heroine! So I won’t add in this post here haha read it here

(It’s my second favorite tbh!)


Well, they will release new CM again in every 3 months maybe? But since I’m too lazy maybe I won’t update this post with new video and make a new post instead in another year lol so you should check them out yourself!

I also wish someday they’ll shoot a CM in my country, Indonesia.. maybe Bali? hahah.. *sigh*

How about you? which do you like the most? Feel free to tell me through the comment or the contact tab! ^^


More information:


Twitter: @imoto_no_WiFi

Youtube: イモトのWiFi


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