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MAG!C☆PRINCE New Variety Show : Maji Challenge! (マジでチャレ!)


Wait, seems familiar? That means you have read my previous post here right? Hehehe~

Well, back then it’s only a whatever promotion video for Honkipri, but now they use the title for real and make a new variety show one!! Woohoo!

Maji-Chare will start brodcast in 5th December 2018 at Fuji TV TWO (idk what kinda channel it is hm). As usual, they got the midnight timeslot… urgh, they deserve the golden time! I mean, their show is really light and funny and heartwarming, I’d love to watch it while eating my dinner??? They need more older men and women to know them since they’re basically have the ‘idol whom you wanted to be your son’ theme in the past!

And tbh I actually want a MajiDeshi season 3! Hmph! But wait,  this one seems to also inviting guest, but with just a different format, doing challenge rather than learning, but well, they’re basically the same so… Reading the program’s description.. ‘challenge various things to survive the entertainment industry in Tokyo.. through collaboration with mentor (guest)..’ wait!! This is basically the same thing with MajiDeshi just with different title since it’s broadcasted in another TV??? lol

The first episode will feature  a very famous Youtuber group, レイターズ (LATERS)! These Youtubers are very famous with over than 700k subscriber! The members are Kamemushi, Saiberman, Hayashin, Dekatin, Satorunn. I haven’t got time to watch what their videos are about, but you can check their twitter and YT channel! ^^

Wow I hope Magipri also made YT content like Naisuta did before!! Please! Especially Shuhei who’s always so creative!! (´∀`)

And idk can LATERS also features Magipri kids in their video?? I wish their fans can know about Magipri too!

Anyway, I can’t wait for the show! I hope someone records and upload them, tho…



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