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Nishioka Kengo to Graduate from MAG!C☆PRINCE


As we celebrated his 22nd’s birthday, turns out he has a sad news for us..

Today, 22 October 2019, MAG!C ☆PRINCE surprisingly announced that Kengo, who we all knew as the center of the group, will graduate as of 20 December 2019. Actually, Kengo has been on a hiatus from the group since September, reportedly because of health issues, making him unable to participate in the promotion of Magipri’s newest single, ‘Try Again’.   Though, he was still very active in his radio show, Saturpri broadcasted every Friday in K-Mix (Shizuoka FM), that he always used the show’s twitter @kmix_kengo as his own personal account, rather than tweeting in Magipri’s account. He also still participate in Honkipri, Magipri’s weekly variety show.

Magipri has always been five members, and Kengo’s sudden retirement news on his and Shuhei’s birthday leaving us fans devastated.. But still, as fans we have to respect his decision for leaving and keep supporting him in the future. It is not announced that Kengo will also leave Watanabe Entertainment, Magipri’s current agency, so we can assume that Kengo will still be active in entertainment industry, but maybe not as a idol performer again. Judging from his past and current activities, he may focus on variety shows and radio DJ? Though being an actor and singer could also be possible too.

From the announcement of Magipri’s website (my translation) :

Thank you for always supporting MAG!C ☆ PRINCE.

On this occasion we would like to inform you the graduation of MAG!C☆PRINCE’s member, Nishioka Kengo, from the group.

Currently, as he’s been resting from MAG!C☆PRINCE activities, except for his individual activities and some group activities, we held a discussion with him, the members and staffs, and he said that he “want to pursue the dream of his new self”, that we finally decided that he will graduate from  MAG!C☆PRINCE as of December 20th, 2019.

We sincerely apologize to all the Cheers who have been supporting the five members of MAG!C ☆ PRINCE until now, and to everyone concerned.

“Our group have been supported by Cheers ever since our debut in 2015.  Even now and from now on, we would like to continue to do our best without forgetting our thanks, as we’d like you to keep supporting us” is what all the members strongly felt.

So that we can share those feelings directly to you, we decided to hold a two days One Man Live concert on December 20th and 21st, 2019.

Lives and activities for the five members will end at December 20th, 2019.

And, from December 21st, 2019, MAG!C ☆ PRINCE will start anew with the remaining four members.

For MAG!C ☆ PRINCE, Cheers are our precious treasures.

We believe that delivering smiles and dreams to each and every one of you is what we can give and has always been our greatest mission.

We look forward to your continued support to  both Hirano Taishin, Oshiro Hikaru , Nagata Kaoru , and Shuhei Abe, who will continue to work as MAG!C ☆ PRINCE, and Nishioka Kengo, who decided to take a step toward his new dream.

October 22, 2019
MAG!C ☆ PRINCE staff

[Comment from Nishioka Kengo ]
Nishioka Kengo, will graduate from MAG! C ☆ PRINCE with a one-man live on December 20th.

I want to apologize to all Cheers and concerned people who have been supporting us,  for this sudden announcements.

About four and a half years after the formation of the group, I was able to always challenge various things through many activities, and it was a very fulfilling time.

Now that I think about it, I was able to work because every cheer who cheered me warmly in every situation.
No matter what happened, everyone who supported me has always been the most understandable and irreplaceable existence for me.
I really, really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

From now on, with new feelings, step by step I will try to challenge various things, and as I felt the excitement, it is that kind of very positive feeling!

Though there is only a short time left for my group activities, but please continue to support us.

[Comment from Hirano Taishin]
This time, Nishioka Kengo  will graduate from MAG!C ☆ PRINCE with a one-man live on December 20th.

I’m sorry to all Cheers and concerned people who have supported us five members for 4 and a half years after our group was formed, with this sudden announcement .

Though it is unfortunate that the five of us who have experienced through various activities all these times, will be only four people now, but I want to support Kengo’s dream as he take a new step hereafter.

The one-man live on December 20th and December 21st will become a big milestone for MAG! C ☆ PRINCE 
I would like to do my best to deliver this live to Cheers in all best possible way. 

[Comment from Oshiro Hikaru]
Thank you for always supporting us MAG!C ☆ PRINCE warmly.
Out member Kengo will graduate from MAG!C ☆ PRINCE with a one-man live on December 20th.

Just as much like Cheers do, I also love the five-membered Magipuri deeply.
I don’t think there are any group with such unique and proud members like this!

The form of the five-membered Magipri I love so much, I will always remember it in my memories. I hope every Cheers will do the same.

I think that any group can change 180 degrees by themselves. From December 21st, we want to bring a lot of smiles and happiness to all Cheers with the feeling of taking a new step as four people. Thank you and please support us.

Heading towards new dreams and goals with such positive feelings, the ever-changing Kengo who always passionately shines, I will fully support him as the warm Oshiro Hikaru!

[Comment from Nagata Kaoru]
Kengo will graduates from Magipuri with a one-man live on December 20th.
Kengo, who was a high school student at the time of our debut, had many thoughts as he’s facing the age of 22 years old, and I think he has some dreams for the future.
I would like to respect Kengo’s opinion and support that new feelings.
The last of our activities with five people is one-man live on December 20th.
That last live, I want to make it the best.

And we four members of MAG!C ☆ PRINCE will also face a new feeling starting from 21st.
I hope you will watch us until the very end on the 20th and support the new Magipuri from the 21st.

[Comment from Abe Shuhei ]
Thank you for always supporting us MAG!C ☆ PRINCE.
Kengo will graduate on December 20th.
Ideally I wanted to work with five people, but everyone is different, and I don’t want to go against Kengo’s path to work hard for his new dreams!
Cheers, from now on too please support Kengo! 
I will also always support him as a member and as a friend!
And from December 21, we will be four people, but we will do our best so please support us!




As the members and staff said, they will hold the Anniversary concert on two days, on December 20th will be the last concert with Kengo as a member and also serve as his graduation concert (本気☆LIVE Vol.9〜西岡健吾卒業公演〜) , and the concert at 21st next day will be the new start for the four members as the new MAG!C ☆ PRINCE (本気☆LIVE Vol.10~MAG!C☆PRINCE Try Again~). Nine Stars will be a guest in the concert, and at the same day and venue, Hi☆ Five will also hold their 2nd one-man live (so I guess it’s kind of joint concert?)

Haha, isn’t it sad that they’re rebranding on their anniversary? But I’m still really glad that Magipri is not disbanding despite losing one of their members. I will still support and stan the new Magipri from now on! If you are Kengo’s fans, please also keep supporting Magipri too as it’s a group that he loves so much!

By the way, don’t forget that Magipri is going to release their 9th single ‘Try Again’ with four members on 10 December 2019! Still no MV available, but I will update this blog when it comes out! XD Oh yeah, Magipri has uploaded some of their full-version MVs on their official Youtube Channel! Please go watch, subscribe, like and comment!

By the way, from here on is just my thought, so please don’t take it seriously, but yeah.. I just wanna ramble about my feelings..

From the very start, actually I’ve always know that Kengo is the type that will leave, because he’s such an ambitious person. But I never thought that the day will come this soon (well, I always thought it will be after 5 years cause usually that’s the contract length, wait.. so my calculation is true?)  but Magipri has gain many popularities and Kengo has grow closer to the members, especially Shuhei, so I thought Kengo will eventually stay and forget about my past worries. But no, turns out it really happens.

When Kengo announced his hiatus (and they announced it’s due to health issues), and agipri uploaded their MVs to Youtube, I had a hunch that something is going to happen. Who knows it all comes to this. Well, I don’t know if the health issue is true, or that the graduation is because of the health issue or simply just because Kengo doesn’t want to renew his contract as idol, though.

I don’t want to blame Kengo or feel bad about it. As a fan of some idol groups, members graduation or disbandment is something that we have to face, sooner or later, and you’re very lucky if your idol group  stay together for a long time. So as I feel sad or disappointed, I also felt relieved that the other members will still stay and keep fighting, as a fans I will continue to do my best to promote and translate their contents. for Kengo, too, maybe I won’t really focus on him much, but at least I will follow from his twitter account lol (if he made more account I will update!) I hope after this Kengo will still hang out with Shuhei, haha. It’s such a pity that Kengo graduate now since he become really pretty lately I think he can gain many new fans for the group.

It’s kind of weird now that I don’t have to keep telling people about ‘the pink one is not a girl’ anymore 🙂

I don’t want to be so negative and will keep on cheering them! And since I will move to Japan next year, I hope I can come to their live event and meet them to share my feelings directly! ^^

(btw, I translated the announcement above in a rush so sorry if I made any mistake!)




4 thoughts on “Nishioka Kengo to Graduate from MAG!C☆PRINCE

    1. Hi, sorry for just replying now. Yes, I am aware of this news, and it’s really shocking. I didn’t really know the details, but despite the case, since he separated from the members with good feeling, and still have good relationship even now, I chose to respect it and still call it “graduation”. But still, it’s true that he left for good from the agency because of this case and that’s disheartening. I also wrote a new post about the case. Thank you for informing me about this. :”)


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