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Majidora ~ Spin the Sky Episode 1 Subbed!


My mood is so hyper today so Idk why but I decided to sub the first episode of Majidora! ^o^

This is my first time subbing a drama hahah, you know, the difference from the previous sub for songs is that song have lyrics, but for drama I can only depend on my ears lol somehow I enjoyed learning subbing lately

I think I wrote in my Majidora post that you should not ask me for the subtitle but.. here I come and betraying my words! Haha

Watch it here:


What do you think of it?

I still don’t do well in timing but well I think my translation is kinda right haha, also please remember that this drama is out at 2016 so they’re still kinda different than they are now and they still really sucks at acting (I mean, this drama is their first time acting)

By the way, I’m only making this because I’m in the mood so please don’t expect me to make subs for the next episode soon 😦

Also since as always I don’t want to disrespect the hardwork of the drama, I think even if I made the continuation, I won’t share it in Youtube ever again because they can find it too easily there.. I want to keep it low as possible but I also want to help promote and share to you guys so adsfshsj I feel so complicated  because I think too much of it can you understand me guys 😦

(Though, I find that the management and the label seems pretty chill about their products got shared on streaming sites like YT, I still wish to follow my respect manner this way, slowly and moderatley)

Oh, and as I said in the previous post, I will get busy these weeks so please understand if I disappeared for 1-2 weeks okay? I’ve been productive enough to make up for you I think ^^

By the way, if you have any comment or suggestions about my subs, please feel free to tell me through the comment or the contact box! Personally I think it’s still very plain but idk what to change ^^

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